Mount Vernon Nazarene University: Life Changing

Curriculum and Degree Requirements

Mount Vernon Nazarene University organizes its curriculum into schools and departments. Each school is supervised by a dean and each department has a Department Chair. The Vice President for Academic Affairs oversees the entire curriculum and academic program. This structure is for organizational purposes rather than for compartmentalizing subject matter. As a liberal arts university, the Mount Vernon Nazarene University’s objectives include cooperation and correlation across disciplinary lines to achieve a unity of knowledge.

Admission, enrollment, and financial services for programs designed for traditional college-age students are coordinated through the Admissions, Student Financial Planning, and the University Registrar’s Offices. Those admission, financial, and registration policies are presented in preceding sections of this Catalog. The academic programs operating under this delivery system are found in the school and department sections of the Catalog that follow.

The admission, financial aid, registration, and records services for the adult certificate, adult degree-completion, and graduate programs are provided by the Graduate and Professional Studies Education staff. The academic requirements for those programs are listed with with departments.
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