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  • What is mvNYu? mvNYu is a travel-study program offered every other year (odd-numbered years) by the English and Modern Languages department.
  • What's mvNYu about? The course includes a full week in New York City, where students study and read literature that is written by New Yorkers, written in New York, or written about New York, all while experiencing the culture of Manhattan from the Statue of Liberty to Broadway to street vendors.
  • When does mvNYu take place? The course takes place during the first Summer Mini-Session and offers general education literature credit (or Special Topics in Literature credit for English and ILA majors).
  • I'm not an MVNU student, can I go? The trip is also available to friends or alumni of MVNU.
  • How do I find out more? For more information, please contact Dr. Brett Wiley. Make sure to visit our page and our Facebook site.


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“What kind of job can you get with an English major?” Most students who choose an English major are asked this question by loved ones and friends, often with a mix of concern and skepticism. The fact is, those who pose the question about the ability of English majors to find employment may find the answer hard to pin down--not because there are so few opportunities, but because there are so many!

 The question is not, “What can you do with an English major?” It's, “What can't you do with an English major?”

At MVNU, our faculty develop within students the vital skills to think critically, to respond intelligently, to analyze and synthesize, and to communicate thoughts and ideas in speech and in writing. Our program can develop a broader perspective of the world about you.

Though the literature component of our major certainly prepares students to be educators both in public and private sectors, they can also become librarians, information specialists, researchers for business linguists, and translators. The skills to analyze and synthesize, to think critically, to respond intelligently, and to communicate thoughts and ideas can make you a valued employee in such diverse fields as recreation, travel, government, politics, social services, fund-raising, insurance, law, and religion.


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