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Did you know this beautiful campus where spring flowers and beautiful trees are budding was once home to farm animals, corn and wheat? Columbus Delano, secretary of the interior under President Grant also owned this property. Only three buildings are still standing as reminders of activities far removed from life on these grounds today: the Lakeholm Administration building - once home to the gentlemen farmer and his family, the Cougar Den - a barn for animals and storage, and the Women’s Auxiliary building - once the ice house. Until 1995 there was a fourth farm building. It was a storage shed for farm equipment. It sat on top of the hill where Thorn Library Learning Resource Center was built in 1995.

The storage shed was cleaned out, carpeted, painted, partitions installed and it served as home to the Education faculty—all 5 of them for several years. A classroom was added to the back at one point. Since there were fewer students and professors and only one section of all but the intro class, nearly all education courses met in that room. Later two offices were added to the front of the building.

In 1989 Dr. Cliff Anderson, Director of Teacher Education from 1974-1996, decided to start a newsletter. The departmental assistant—there was only one at that time, wrote and published it. In honor of that equipment building turned into a hub of productivity and creativity known fondly as the Ed Shed, the newsletter was named the Ed Shed Gazette.

For those of us who taught, studied, became a family in that building (Ms. Marilyn, Dr. Hedrick, Mrs. Oxenford, Dr. & Mrs. Shiverdecker, and Dr. Sonja Smith) the name still symbolizes the strong foundation that defined quality teacher preparation. Oh, how our surroundings have changed in the Education Suite with beautiful offices and numerous classrooms equipped with technology. Now sixteen professors, two secretaries, up to four sections of courses, two graduate programs and evidence of growth, God has blessed the dedication of faculty, staff and students.

Unchanged throughout time and place is the mission that brought us to and keeps us fulfilled at MVNU. We still are "called to teach with compassion, competence, and commitment."
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