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The Licensure Process ...

To obtain an institutional recommendation for licensure, all education courses must be completed at Mount Vernon Nazarene University, unless approved by the Director of Teacher Education.

Exceptions must be approved in writing by the Director of Teacher Education prior to enrolling in courses elsewhere.

The student who earns at least a "C" in student teaching, a recommendation from the University supervisor, satisfactory scores on the Praxis Tests or other mandated tests as defined by the State of Ohio, and has completed satisfactorily a state approved licensure program is granted an institutional recommendation for licensure by the Director of Teacher Education.

Candidates for initial licensure must take the State of Ohio required examinations for the license desired. The licensure applicants must make their own arrangements to take the tests which are administered through Educational Testing Services. Information may be secured from the Education Department. An institutional recommendation for licensure is made after scores are received by the Director of Teacher Education indicating that the candidate meets the State of Ohio Department of Education minimum requirements. Scores are posted on the student's transcript.

The student will sign a statement which serves as the basis for determining whether he/she is of "good moral character" as required by the Ohio State Board of Education. This form must be filed at the time the application for licensure is made.


All Teacher Education program curricula, requirements and policies are subject to change given the nature of the ongoing review process between Mount Vernon Nazarene University and the Ohio State Department of Education.

Students seeking licensure in states other than Ohio must maintain continuing contact with those states and the academic advisor to insure that the program leads to licensure. Students must check with the state licensure office in the state where licensure is desired for its requirements.

No employee, agent or representative of the University is authorized or empowered to provide licensure assurances for other states whether directly or by implication.
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