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Teacher Education Program

Admission to the Teacher Education Program is prerequisite to all education courses except EDU1022 Foundations of Education, EDU1031 Foundations of Education Lab, and EDU1042 Educational Technology.

Students who complete Foundations of Education are admitted to the Teacher Education Program when the student:

  • Passes all sections of the Pre-Professional Skills Test of Reading, Writing and Mathematics (PPST). The PPST should be passed by the end of the sophomore year. Registration for the PPST is at the student's expense. The PPST may only be taken a total of three (3) times.
  • Receives a speech recommendation from the Foundations of Education instructor by demonstrating speech competency through participation in course activities. If a recommendation is withheld, an evaluation by a speech therapist may be required at the student's expense.
  • Receives satisfactory reports on field work assignments from public school personnel and the Foundations of Education instructor.
  • Earns a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 or above in all work taken at the college level.
  • Provides a physician's license concerning vision, hearing, physical handicaps, mental health, and general health, if requested by the Director of Teacher Education at the applicant's expense.
  • Secures a recommendation of good standing from the Director of Student Development and Accountability.
  • Secures a recommendation of professional aptitude evidenced by classroom performance and compliance with admission criteria by the Director of Teacher Education.

Foundations of Education is normally completed in the freshman year and the application for admission is made at the satisfactory completion of that course if all criteria are met. The PPST must be taken before enrolling in any 2000-level education course. A candidate's application is processed following successful completion of the freshman level courses and earning satisfactory PPST scores.

Deficiencies are indicated in writing to the applicant. It is the student's obligation to design a program to remove deficiencies. Arrangements for re-taking the PPST are the student's responsibility and may be arranged on Educational Testing Service national test dates or scheduled through a Prometric Testing Center. The Teacher Education Office will provide examination dates and locations upon request or visit and click on Praxis.

All deficiencies must be satisfied before enrolling in education courses beyond the sophomore level.

Upon recommendation by the Director of Teacher Education, the Teacher Education Council considers the application for admission. The Director indicates to the student the Council's decision, and reasons, if denied, in writing.

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