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Computer Science


MVNU's Computer Science Laboratories are located on the first floor of Regents Hall.

Computer Science Labs

  • Main Computer Science Lab
    • 24 Windows XP desktop systems
    • Access to departmental Sun UltraSPARC server
    • running MYSQL database server, Apache web server, PHP, EMACS, GNU C++, and Java.
    • Access to Novell-based file servers for personal data storage and shared applications
    • Department-specific applications include Microsoft Visual Studio, Java, UML designers, Virtual PC, and other software.
    • Laser printer

  • Advanced Computer Science Lab
    • 12 dual boot Linux/Windows XP desktop systems
    • Lab configuration customized as needed for special projects (networking, security, operating systems)
    • Laser printer

  • Computer Science Research Lab
    • Used for student and faculty research projects
    • Students are often employed as assistants in this lab, often full time in the summer.
    • Currently used for externally funded wireless networking research and development project.
    • Many systems, including FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS, Windows XP.
    • Single board network systems for experimental outdoor wireless system development.

The Computer Science lab provides evening access to majors and minors and those currently registered for Computer Science courses. Consultants are available to assist students in the lab Monday through Thursday evenings.

The general campus has access to five general use computer labs with T1 Internet links, Windows XP systems, and Macintosh computers. All labs provide access to a wide array of applications on the Novell file servers, including Microsoft Office Professional.

Computer Science Lab

Advanced Computer Science Lab

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