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The disciplines of psychology and sociology focus on studying humanity and society -- unique perspectives that are critical to understanding who we are and who we may become in Christ. The Psychology and Sociology Department at Mount Vernon Nazarene University exists to help you uncover your unique personality and calling, and to teach you how to invest yourself in a life of compassion and service.

Believing that “all truth is God’s truth,” our faculty encourage you to explore your faith, deepen your knowledge, and question your world through a variety of classroom teaching styles, off-campus observation trips, travel programs, and internship experiences.

These experiences are specifically designed to prepare you to make a difference in your world, as you anticipate and explore graduate school options or employment in your area of interest.

By scientifically studying behaviors and mental processes, students in psychology gain a unique perspective on why people think, feel, and act as they do. Our program of study in psychology will qualify students for employment in almost any field that requires interaction, dialogue, and understanding of others.

Graduates of our program are employed in art therapy, human resources, research, domestic violence programs, and adolescent behavioral programs, to name a few. Many psychology graduates also choose to pursue advanced degrees in the social sciences in order to attain employment in counseling, school psychology, forensics, or teaching.

Others will pursue a wide variety of areas of professional interest, including religion, law, and the humanities.

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