Online Electives

For students with junior level status who need to select alternative undergraduate electives, MVNU offers these online electives:

  • BSS4093 Business Research Project
  • COM3103 Organizational Communication
  • MAN3093 Diversity in Organizations
  • MIS3023 Management Information Systems
  • IBS3003 International Business Operations
  • FIN3063 Consumer Finance
  • IBS3063 Global Business
  • ABT3043 Web Designs

BSS4093 Business Research Project (3)

A course in which students develop skills in the researching, writing and presenting scientific descriptive and empirical research. In the research project, the student solves a significant management or business problem, makes an important enterprise decision, capitalizes on a business venture, and implements a plan of action to improve the company or agency.

COM3013 Organizational Communication (3)

This course is designed as a study of theories, principles, and practices for organizing and communicating. Special emphasis is given to the functional and structural aspects of organizational communication such as organizational effectiveness, intelligence, and networks.

MAN3093 Diversity in Organizations (3)

This course explores diversity as it relates to organizations from a human resources development perspective. Areas of diversity explored include racial/ethnic groups, sex and gender, religion, work and family, weight and appearance, physical and mental ability, and sexual orientation. The primary focus is to development of a strategy to improve an organization's performance.

MIS3023 Management Information Systems (3)

A study of computerized information systems that support organizational mission, goals, and objectives. Concepts include the theories, principles, concepts, components and types of management information systems, networks and telecommunications, and the systems development process. The information systems profession and advances in technology used to support communication, collaboration, and discovery for organizations are also discussed.

IBS3003 International Business Operations (3)

An introduction to the theory and practice of business operations of international and multinational firms. Special emphasis is given to international trade theory, marketing, finance and human resource management

FIN3063 Consumer Finance (3)

A practical application of personal and family financial management. Topics include budgets, loans, spending, housing, insurance, investments, and taxes.

IBS3063 Global Marketing (3)

An introduction to the theory and practice of international marketing management, including marketing to national domestic markets. Special emphasis is given to the international environment, market research and market entry, product planning and strategy, and management of international marketing functions.

ABT3043 Web Design (3)

A course that focuses on planning, publishing, and managing web sites. Students format, develop, and publish projects that include text, images, and hyperlinks.

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