Distinctly Christian
Integration of Faith & Learning

When you enroll at MVNU, you learn more than just the curriculum, you learn a set of values based on Christian teaching. You and your fellow students in the cohort program learn in a Christ-centered climate of lifelong learning and service. Learning in the context of these values and ethics teaches you how to succeed in the workplace without compromising those qualities.

Ethics and Integration

We believe that developing a strong ethical foundation is one of the most important aspects of your education at MVNU, and through an integration of faith and learning in the classroom we promote the values and principles of the Christian faith upon which our University was first founded. When combined with the most advanced curriculum, you can feel confident that you're earning a degree that can be life changing.


The business courses in both the graduate and undergraduate programs teach you how to be an ethical business leader. When you enroll in a business program, you learn from Christian faculty that model the appropriate behavior and business ethics you will need to succeed.


The Master of Arts in Education is designed for teachers with the mission to educate students from a values-based approach. You learn from Christian teachers who use the Bible as a foundation for their actions in the classroom and who pass on that ability to you. All of your courses will be guided by this biblical worldview. This innovative educational environment will help you become a great teacher.


Become prepared for ministerial service while surrounded by faculty who know how to teach with a biblical worldview. They spend time nurturing the whole person in a Christian environment, providing life-changing experiences to help students successfully achieve their ministerial goals.


At MVNU, our nursing degree completion program prepares nurse leaders in a Christ-like environment to meet the healthcare needs of the community through the ministry of nursing.

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