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Article VIII - Class Agents

Section 1. Prior to graduation, and subsequently as required by vacancies, each class will be encouraged by the Association to select one or more Class Agents to publish class newsletters, plan class reunions, and hold other activities consistent with the purpose of the Association. Support for these efforts will be provided by the Vice President of the Association and by the Office of Alumni Relations.

Section 2. Class Agents are expected to:

2.1 Communicate with their class at least once per year;
2.2 Organize the class’s reunion every five years;
2.3 Volunteer their time and efforts at special events sponsored by the Association;
2.4 Attend meetings called by the Vice President of the Association; and
2.5 Class giving strategy.

Section 3. The Vice President of the Association will contact Class Agents who have not fulfilled these duties to determine their interest in continued service. If necessary, Class Agents may be removed by vote of the Executive Officers and replaced by the Vice President of the Association in consultation with the Director of Alumni Relations.

Section 4. In the case of a loss of leadership for a class agent, it will be the discretion of the Director of Alumni Relations and the Association President that an interim be appointed until an official vote (by that particular class) can be taken at the next reunion.
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