Mount Vernon Nazarene University: Life Changing

The Grapevine

Grapevine, submit youor alumni storiesThe Grapevine is a feature of Mount Vernon NOW, a magazine published quarterly for alumni and friends of Mount Vernon Nazarene University. The Grapevine is a terrific way for our alumni to update us about their lives -- from marriages to promotions to birth of children. It is also a great way to stay informed about your college classmates!

Alumni Relations and the Mount Vernon Nazarene University editorial team have full discretion regarding the presentation of alumni news and images in Mount Vernon NOW magazine. We may edit submissions for length, grammar, style and other formatting standards, as well as content. We may edit or delete information that promotes values contrary to our biblical values, that may be offensive to readers, and/or that may misrepresent the MVNU community to outside readers.

Please be aware the not all Grapevine entries will be able to fit into Mount Vernon NOW for the immediate upcoming issue. It often takes us six months (two issues) to get your news or update into the magazine. Thank you for your patience.
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