Welcome to the MVNU Art Department

You wouldn't be looking at this web site if you didn't love art and love making art. If making art is a fulfilling part of your life, you need to seriously consider developing your art talents. God gave them to you and He will also give you direction in how to use them for His purposes.

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The MVNU art faculty is dedicated to providing an education in the arts to aspiring and talented students who would dare to engage the world in a redemptive way. The world is continually changing. More than ever before, our world is craving new visions of a renewable, redeemable, and savable life. Ultimately, God wants us to co-create and redeem the world with Him, everyday. The visual arts program at MVNU will help you to think creatively in this pursuit.

Our goal is to help provide the student artist with the knowledge and skills to respond to today's world visually, intellectually, and spiritually. Through the language of art, Christian artists can have a part in reclaiming our culture for Christ. Join with us at MVNU, develop as an artist, and find your place in the challenges of the future.

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