Art and Design at MVNU

The academic programs in art and design at MVNU allow students to expand their knowledge and appreciation for the visual arts and graphic design along with developing their talents to be successful in highly creative and energetic careers. The focus of our program is designed for students who are uniquely expressive and have a desire to further their artistic abilities. We endeavor to prepare Christian artists with the ability to reclaim and reinvigorate our culture for Christ.

Academic Brochure for ArtAcademic Brochuire for Graphic Design

As a visual fine art or graphic design student, you have a variety of directions in majors, minors, and collaborative double majors from which to choose.

Suggested career options for minors or double majors:

  • Visual Fine Arts - Studio artist
  • Art History - Curator/art historian
  • Graphic Design - Illustrator/designer
  • Art Education - K-12 art teacher
  • Psychology - Art therapist
  • Business - Arts administrator
  • Family Consumer Science - Interior decorator/fashion designer


These interdepartmental collaborations are just some of the ways we equip you for today’s art and design careers or for graduate school.

During your first two years at MVNU as a visual fine arts major, you will complete the foundation program, including courses in studio art and art history. In your final two years, you will focus more intently in a specific concentration, such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, or multimedia.

During your senior year, you will receive personal studio space in the Buchwald Center to produce a year-long senior project in your concentration. During the senior project, you receive one-on-one instruction from professional art faculty and participate in intensive studio group critiques. The senior project then culminates with an exhibition in the MVNU Schnormeier Art Gallery.

The visual arts education major leads to teaching licensure for grades K-12 in Ohio and many other states, and is based upon the National Art Education Association (NAEA) standards.


In graphic design, besides taking classes that are specific to graphic design as well as foundation courses in art, you can choose between two tracks—visual art and communication. The visual art track is for the person who would like to do graphic design "all day every day" after graduation, and therefore includes several studio art courses in its list of classes. The communication track is for the person who would like to employ a broader range of skills and talents in the workplace, so the curriculum includes writing, marketing, and communication classes.

No matter the track, as a senior graphic design major, you will tackle a senior project, a two-semester course that involves the creation of a variety of new graphic design projects as well as improving your best projects done in previous classes. In the second semester, you will put the finishing touches on your strongest work and develop a diverse professional portfolio, ready for entry into the world of graphic design. Your work will also being part of a group portfolio show in the Buchwald Center’s Schnormeier Gallery.

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