LESSONS: Things you can learn about art and design at MVNU

  1. Art starts in the mind:
    In ancient Greek, the words for "mind" and "heart" are interchangeable. In life, one cannot function without the other. Your art starts with both your mind and your passion - one and the same. At MVNU, art is more than just a medium. It's an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual pursuit that brings the heart and mind together in one passion.
  2. "Art. It’s worth your time." - MVNU Senior Art Students
    Along with hundreds of others, this pearl of wisdom was scrawled on the walls of the former senior studio. At MVNU, you’ll be exposed to a variety of mediums and styles. You’ll become versed in photography, sculpture, drawing, design, ceramics, printmaking, painting, and more. Who knows what will inspire you? It’s worth investing your time and yourself.
  3. Dress for success.
    You can spot an art student easily at MVNU. They’ve got paint on their clothes, charcoal under their nails, and ink in their hair. Art faculty and students bear their battle scars with pride.

    It’s a sign they are wrestling with something, grasping the moment, and maturing as artists and individuals.

  4. "Do something." - Crispin Webb, MVNU Art Alumnus
    This was MVNU alumnus Crispin Webb’s personal mantra. He worked hard, received two MFA degrees from top art graduate schools (Ohio State and Bard’s Milton Avery School of Painting and Sculpture), and exhibited professionally. And though he passed away in 2006, his life and art are still inspiring people today. In fact, you might even receive the Crispin Webb Art Scholarship, established by art alumni in his honor.
  5. "Kill your darlings." - Jim Hendrickx, Former MVNU Art Professor
    While it may sound harsh, it’s meant to help you grow and develop as an artist. You’ll come to MVNU with preconceived ideas of who you are and what art is. Here, faculty will push you to move beyond yourself, to stretch your intellect and skills to go past your “darling” notions of art to both create and be something more.
  6. Andiamo! (Let’s go!)
    Travel to Italy and get a true taste of the history and culture of a country that has contributed perhaps more than any other to the world of art. This month-long adventure is offered every other January and features stops in Rome, Florence, Venice, Assisi, Pompeii, and more. Journey through ancient history and modern culture simultaneously to expand your view of art and the world!
  7. "Draw what you see, not what you think you see." - John Donnelly, MVNU Art Professor
    The mind often tricks our eyes. Working with MVNU art faculty will help you move beyond appearances, to think about what you see objectively — the object you physically see, subjectively — how you feel about the object, and spiritually — how what you are seeing and drawing can impact the world.
  8. Work hard.
    As an art student, you’ll be expected to spend as much time working in the studio as you do in the classroom. Working hard is a privilege and one we take seriously. It’s not an easy life, but it’s the one we love.
  9. Go to your studio and make stuff.
    A phrase senior art students become very familiar with at MVNU. In our new 32,000-square-foot
    Buchwald Center, seniors have a space to call their very own. You’ll find yourself in a community of artists, studying and working together, critiquing and sharpening one other. They’ll cheer you on as you delve into your year-long senior project which culminates in an exhibition in the Schnormeier Gallery.
  10. "…Art is not the truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth." -Pablo Picasso
    Art seeks not merely to communicate an intellectual truth, but rather to communicate a kind of physical, emotional, and spiritual wisdom — a tissue of falsehoods which shows us deeper truths and says something important about our own lives.
  11. We live in a state of FLUX.
    MVNU art students have their own club that plans and organizes gallery and museum trips, service projects, and parties. Through the art community of FLUX, you’ll be challenged and energized by your peers and form a network of friends who will influence your thinking and creativity for the rest of your life. "FLUX" means "change." Change your heart, your mind, and your art and you’ll change the world.
  12. "Be" in your space.
    Be alive. Be aware. Be observant. Be present—present to God, to yourself, to others, to your art. MVNU art graduate Andrew Hendrickson, now an MFA candidate at the University of Florida, used to say that a bad day in the studio was still better than a good day anywhere else. Sometimes you just have to “be” in your space. Look. Listen. Exist. Be.
  13. "Creating is a mandate." – John Donnelly, MVNU Art Professor
    Out of all of God’s creations, only humans mirror His ability to create. It’s more than a gift—it's a mandate. Birds may build nests and foxes dens, but only humans can recognize the aesthetic quality of created works. We have the responsibility to hone our talents and engage our world. Faculty and peer critiques are an important part of the growth process. Start fulfilling your mandate!
  14. "If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, make your eyes bigger." – Jim Hendrickx, Former MVNU Art Professor
    While many may say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, our intention is to grow your knowledge of what has the potential to be art. A rusty bumper? An old family photograph? A child’s drawing? Professors will help you formulate and explore the questions, while you discover the answers for yourself. Make your eyes bigger. Open your mind wider.
  15. "Life imitates art far more than art imitates life." - Oscar Wilde
    People see the world differently after an encounter with art. Whether it’s a sweeping landscape, an unforgettable portrait, or a rousing three-dimensional abstract, art changes the way we think about and evaluate life. It’s a powerful reminder to not take life for granted.
  16. "Inspire change." - Kim Rhyan, MVNU ARTalum President
    This is the motto of MVNU’s ARTalum Society. Once you’re an MVNU art student, you are part of something bigger for life. Alumni support current students by donating work to be auctioned for scholarships and by mentoring students. When you graduate, you’ll have the opportunity to continue the legacy.
  17. Studying art could help you get and keep a job.
    Whether we realize it or not, art impacts everyone and everything—from cars and clothing to video games to street signs. Art helps you think outside the mold, something highly valued by employers. It may just help you land your dream job or get into graduate business school.
  18. Learn by example.
    MVNU art professors possess terminal art degrees and exhibit nationally. You’ll be taught by practicing artists, interact with professionals who exhibit in MVNU’s two galleries, and be encouraged to exhibit in local and regional art shows where students have earned top awards. Most importantly, you’ll be prepared to compete for grad school admittance and to launch a successful and meaningful career.
  19. You have just seconds.
    Museum research has discovered that the average person spends just a few seconds looking at a piece of art. As a dialogue between artist and viewer, what will your art say? Our goal is help you create art that will compel the viewer to stay longer—that will engage someone in the present and in the future. It’s a window of opportunity that MVNU will help you crack wide open.
  20. Life is your final art form.
    In the end, it’s not about you, your art, or Mount Vernon Nazarene University. It’s about the ultimate Artist and Creator. How will our lives point the way for others to see the beauty of our Maker, His people, and His world? Your art has the power to make a difference. Now is the time to start and
    MVNU is the place.
  21. "In graphic design, you dance a tango." - Jan Hendrickx, Former MVNU Graphic Design Professor
    In graphic design, you always have a partner—the client. The moves you make are the moves they need you to make. Both client and designer “dance” in sync to solve a communication problem in a fresh, creative way.
  22. Hierarchy
    As a designer, you are the guide, sending a viewer’s eye from one place to the next. You decide what is most important and make it so visually. It is our hope that you will also meet the Guide who steers as you walk with Him.

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