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President's Student Research Award

The President's Research Award provides an opportunity for students at Mount Vernon Nazarene University (MVNU) to gain experience conducting research and publicly presenting their research findings. Such experience will serve to enhance the learning process and prepare the student for investigative research in graduate programs. Awards in amounts up to $1,000 will be granted to support research in any academic field for the following year. The funds are intended to defray the costs associated with research supplies and related travel. Award recipients will be selected by a committee comprised of MVNU faculty members.

Applicant Eligibility
  • Disciplines: All
  • Ranking: Sophomore, Junior, Senior, or Graduate
  • Minimum GPA: 3.0 (with preference to >3.5)
  • Faculty sponsor: a full-time MVNU faculty member
Application Process

Eligible applicants must submit a research proposal (either via the form below or by campus mail) and a letter of recommendation from his/her faculty sponsor to Dr. LeeAnn Miner, Department of Psychology, 139 Regents Hall by April 22, 2013.

Proposal Guidelines

Proposals should be double-spaced in Times New Roman (12 pt.) font and should not exceed 3 pages in length. The following information should be included:

  • Applicant's name, rank (i.e., sophomore, junior, senior, graduate), GPA and contact information
  • Sponsoring faculty supervisor's name and department
  • Objective: research question and hypothesis
  • Background and significance: previous work in the area and importance of the proposed research
  • Project design: basic research design, methods, and timetable
  • Results: expected outcomes
  • Presentation: proposed venue for presentation of findings
  • Estimated budget: description of how funds will be used (e.g., supplies, travel) and estimated cost
Faculty Sponsor:
Sponsor Department:
Letter of Recommendation:
Maximum file size: 2M
Allowed file types: .doc, .docx, .pdf
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