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Direct Withdrawal Information

How to Sign Up for Direct Withdrawal Giving?

Input Your Information
In order to establish an Direct Withdrawal account, you will need to provide us with some basic personal information. Please be assured this is a safe site and that MVNU will only use this information for this purpose. We would NEVER share this information with anyone.

Choose Your Frequency, Start Date and Amount
In order to maintain consistency, we ask that you select a date that your transaction will be completed each month. In the event that date is a bank holiday or a weekend date, we will run the transaction the next business day. We also ask you select a starting date and amount you wish to contribute.

Choose Where to Designate Your Gift
Use the pull down box to select where you wish to designate where your monthly withdrawal should be allocated.

Account Information
You are asked for information regarding your checking account. Again, this information is for this purpose ONLY and will not be shared.

Direct Withdrawal Agreement
By submitting this information, you are authorizing Mount Vernon Nazarene University to withdraw these funds from your account. Please double-check your information before submitting.
This authorization will remain valid until Mount Vernon Nazarene University is notified in writing or electronically to discontinue the monthly deduction. The e-mail address is

Direct Withdrawal FAQ's

Who should take advantage of this service and why?
Anyone who is looking for a systematic way to support MVNU.
The why question is often more personal. In today’s world this form of giving is becoming more common, easier and economical than writing a check. It can provide for better financial planning for the family. Finally, a person or family can actually increase their level of giving with monthly deductions rather than lump sums.

Is this site secure?
Yes, please check here for more information on site security.

When are gifts processed?
On the 5th and the 20th of each month or the next business day.

Are those the only two dates available?
At this time, yes, although that may change in the future.

Can I give with a credit card?
We are sorry that only bank drafts can be accepted at this time.

When will my first gift be withdrawn?
On the first withdrawal date after we receive your information and process the application.

Will you provide a receipt for each transaction?
MVNU will send out a yearly contribution statement for your tax preparation by the end of January.
Will I be able to select where I want my monthly gift to be used?

Yes, there will be a pull down box with several options for you to decide where to designate the use of your monthly gifts.

How can I change the amount of my monthly deduction?
By notifying us in writing or by email.

If you have any question (s) beyond what you see above, please fill in the box below and submit. We will be glad to e-mail you back your answer.

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