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Photo of Dr. James SkonDr. James Skon
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  • Ph.D. The Ohio State University, Computer Science and Linguistics
  • MS The Ohio State University, Computer Science
  • BA Mount Vernon Nazarene College, Computer Science
Professional Experience:
  • User-model guided dynamic assessment and curriculum delivery for collaboration, problem solving, and instruction. This system utilizes an expert system to assess and create a model of users within a given domain, and then provide an environment for cooperative assessment, problem solving and learning. This project, which has received about $500K in funding, is currently being used as a platform for hosting dynamically adaptive curriculum for couple counseling. Another branch of this project is underway that is exploring the platforms use as a design assistant for routine design in architectural engineering. This project is described in more detail below. 2010-current.
  • An intelligent, adaptive cloud controller for management, monitoring, and control of embedded monitoring and control devices. This project is a branch from the elearning platform above. The goal is to provide control and management of the "Internet of Things".
  • Wireless protocols and drivers for outdoor long distance, high performance point to multi-point networking. This project, which was commercially funded by several companies, including Lucent Technologies and KarlNet, Inc., explored and implemented adaptive polling based protocols for improving the throughput and responsiveness of point to multi-point long distance wireless communications. One branch of this system was licensed to Apple Computers in 2000, and released as their first wireless product, the Apple Airport. This was the first consumer wireless router. 1997-2010.
  • Use of pragmatic and socio-linguistic knowledge for efficient guidance of syntactic and semantic parsing. This project explored the use of social context knowledge to improve both the efficacy and efficiency of a parsing system. This work was the foundation of my dissertation research. 1990-1997.
  • Automated natural language dialect translator. This project utilized knowledge about systematic historical language evolution to translate text between non-mutually understandable but related indigenous languages. The system found significant field use in the translation of books for isolated languages groups in remote areas. My contribution involved the design and creation of a Head-Corner Parser for syntactic processing of the languages being translated. This work was a collaboration with the Summer Institute of Linguistics. 1988-1989.
  • Design and implementation of multi-threaded database virtualization platform for the Tomany Database platform. My responsibility was the project lead for the design and implementation of core visualization engine. This work was a funded projects at The Ohio State University. 1982-1983.
Awards and Recognitions
  • Campus Academic Leadership Award
  • SewHope Service Award
Published Works and Presentations:
  • Book Chapter: This past spring a chapter “From Kudjip to Succotz: The successes, lessons, joys, and surprises from 25 years of service learning projects” was published in the book “Service-Learning in the Computer and Information Sciences: Practical Applications in Engineering Education” by IEEE Press business unit, 445 Hoes Lane, P.O. Box 1331, Piscataway, NJ 08855-1331 and John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 111 River Street. Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774
  • Skon, James; Introduction to Computer Security, Presentation at the University of Belize, Belize City, March 26, 2009.
  • Skon, James; Computing In Papua New Guinea: Lessons Learned About Computer Science Service Learning Projects, The Journal of Computing in Small Colleges, Volume 7, September 22, 2001
  • Skon, James; Justin McCann; Eian Counts; Wireless Networks: Theory and Practice, The Sixth Annual Consortium for Computing in Small Colleges : Midwest Conference at Franklin College on September 25, 1999.
  • Skon, James; James T. Streib; Brenda Tuomi Litka; Curt M. White; Implementing Internship Programs In The Small College Environment, Panel Session at the 1998 Midwest conference of the Consortium for Computing in Small Colleges, September 26, 1998.
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Matt 25:40

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Cycling and cyclo-touring. I ride about 10,000 miles a year.

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