Benefits & Rewards


  • Sharpen professional Expertise
  • Just as your professional expertise enhances the delivery of the curriculum, your preparation for these class sessions and your interaction with students will sharpen your own professional expertise. You will engage the latest theory and techniques in your field in a new and refreshing way.

  • Improve group leading skills
  • You will be using group leading skills in class along with teaching techniques and approaches recommended in the prepared curriculum.

  • Interact with other like-minded and motivated professionals
  • You will be networked with other dedicated Christian instructors who are practicing a call to teach while maintaining their professional careers.

  • Faculty development programs
  • Graduate Professional Studies is dedicated to developing all instructors to be the best they can be in the classroom. To accomplish this, regular faculty development programs are available to assist all faculty.


  • Help others advance their careers through education
  • Adult students need instructors who can deliver competitive professional education while connecting with them on a personal level. Adult and Graduate Studies believes there is no conflict between the best of education and the best of Christian ministry.

  • Impact and influence the lives of adult students
  • Be a part of shaping the future of adult students by sharing your professional expertise within a Christian educational context.


  • Teach without interrupting your career
  • The Graduate Professional Studies educational format is not only convenient for students, it is also convenient for our instructors. Flexible programs allow instructors to maintain their careers while teaching evenings or weekends.

  • Expand personal knowledge and influence
  • Adjunct instructors appreciate the ability to do something different to enhance their personal lives. The Graduate Professional Studies program allows instructors to work in a rewarding and stimulating environment.

  • Satisfaction in helping others
  • Watching students benefit from instructor expertise and wisdom is a rewarding experience. Students apply their education almost immediately in their professions, resulting in some great feedback for faculty.

  • Earn additional Income
  • Graduate Professional Studies instructors are able to supplement their income by teaching one night or Saturday morning per week.

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