Certificate of Ministry Preparation Program

The Certificate of Ministry Preparation is for you if:

  • You've been called to:
    • Pastoral ministry
    • Evangelism
    • Christian education
    • Compassionate ministry
    • Church administration
  • Your goal is to be ordained as an elder or a deacon in the Church of the Nazarene.
  • You are a lay person with a desire to increase your ministry effectiveness through a structured educational program


CMP Handbook

Program Features:

  • 5-week course modules with each class session being 3 hours in length.
  • All courses are conducted via video-conferencing. There are a variety of sites throughout Ohio where students may gather with their peers for classes.
  • All courses will be taught on a coordinated schedule that will cover the entire curriculum each year (each course earning 1 MEU - Ministerial Education Unit).
  • There is potential for video-conferencing licenses to be issued to students in remote locations. For more information regarding this, please contact CMP@mvnu.edu.

CMP Elder Track Program Features

If your desire is to enter full-time ministry in the church of the Nazarene, this program is right for you! The CMP Elder Track is designed to meet the requirements of the Course of Study for the church of the Nazarene.

  • This program offers all 28 classes contained in the modular course of study throughout the year. Students have the option to complete the entire program in one year or to take the courses at their own pace (for specific course dates, please see the registration forms above).
  • Is designed to be cost-effective and convenient.
  • Those who complete the program will receive a CMP Certificate that verifies graduation from the Course of Study of the Church of the Nazarene (with the understanding that they will need to complete the Field Experience on their own District).
  • To view all 28 courses, please see the CMP Handbook (contained above).
  • For more information regarding the Modular course of study, please see the following http://www.usacanadaregion.org/modular-cos
  • For more information regarding the process for ordination in the church of the Nazarene, please contact your local Nazarene District and see the Nazarene Manual.

CMP Lay Certificate Track Program Features

If you are interested in enhancing your understanding and ability for ministry, the Lay Certificate Program is right for you! Each certificate is six courses long and contains an integrative capstone project, so that you can put your understanding to practical use.

Lay Certificates are offered in the following areas:

  • Lay Leadership
    • A certificate designed to provide you with the leadership skills necessary to be an effective lay minister.
    • Includes a capstone project where you put all of your lay leading skills into action!
  • Biblical Studies
    • A certificate designed to increase your Biblical studies abilities.
    • Includes a capstone project where you will be able to apply your biblical skills and knowledge!
  • Christian Education
    • A certificate designed to provide you with the skills necessary to be an effective Christian educator in your local context.
    • The final course includes a capstone project where you will be able to apply your Christian education skills and knowledge!
  • Theological Studies
    • A certificate designed to bring awareness to the theological distinctives of the Church of the Nazarene.
    • Includes a capstone project where you will be able to apply your theological skills and knowledge!

CMP Video conferencing site locations:

The following video-conferencing locations are available for the CMP Program:

Academic Regulations

  • Certificate requires completing all the courses described in the handbook. For the Elder Track, MVNU will accept half of the total number of courses (14 courses) as transfer from another program approved by the International Course of Study Advisory Committee of the Church of the Nazarene. All Lay certificate courses must be completed through MVNU.
  • Earn a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00.
  • Class attendance is required. No more than one absence per course is permitted.

Financial Information

Tuition per course is set for each academic year and is specified on the Registration forms for those years.

If you are already a student and desire to pay online, follow this link.

Application for Graduation

If you have finished all the requisite requirements for your program, please fill out this application for graduation form and return it to the CMP Registrar via post, email, or fax.

CMP Graduation Form

For more information, please call us at 740.397.9000 ext 3615 or email CMP@mvnu.edu.

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