Master of Arts in Education -
Professional Educator's License

Teachers impact their students' lives in powerful ways. Their passion and dedication to education influences students in ways unparalleled by almost any other career. The Master of Arts in Education - Professional Educator's License (PEL) program allows candidates to earn a master's degree with a four-year Resident Educator license and the opportunity to become a professional educator.

In addition to providing outstanding academics taught by faculty members with years of experience as educators and administrators, MVNU also encourages future teachers to reach for something more in their classroom, career, and the lives of their students.

Program Features:

  • Delivered in a blended format with both in-seat and online class sessions, the PEL program is designed to offer you learning environments that are relevant and convenient to you as an adult learner and prepare you to teach in 21st century classrooms
  • A hands-on approach to learning with an emphasis on teaching. You'll be in a real classroom within the first year.
  • Two field experiences, 75 clock hours each, with student interaction, including development and delivery of lessons. In Field Experience I, you observe and interact with students, and develop and teach lessons while gaining experience in your chosen subject area. When you move on to Field Experience II, you continue to develop and teach trial lessons in an urban diverse school setting. This will help you understand how to best build rapport with a student and give you the confidence to succeed as a teacher.
  • Once you complete your field experiences, you are ready for the 12-week student teaching assignment where you will be assigned to a teacher to guide you through the day-to-day experience of teaching.
  • Upon completion of the PEL program, you'll be well qualified to apply your training and experience as a compassionate, competent and committed educator.

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