Master of Divinity

NTS M.Div. through MVNU

Earn your M.Div. degree from NTS at MVNU!

Thanks to a ruling by the Association of Theological Schools, the accrediting body for NTS, you can now earn your M.Div. degree from Nazarene Theological Seminary right here at MVNU!

For more information please contact Andy Bolerjack.

Through a unique partnership between MVNU and Nazarene Theological Seminary, students can now earn a Master of Divinity from NTS without moving to Kansas City. This program offers a combination of four convenient ways to take classes:

  • Take classes in the Master of Ministry program at MVNU
  • Attend NTS modular classes at MVNU (August / October / January / March)
  • Earn a portion of your credits through NTS online instruction
  • Take video-conferenced classes from NTS on the MVNU campus
    Program Features
    • All classes can be taken at MVNU
    • 76-hour degree program
    • Intensive module courses taught by full-time and adjunct NTS faculty
    • Up to 30 hours in M.Min. courses from MVNU
    • Innovative online and video conferenced course offerings

Students also have the opportunity to earn two degrees, the Master of Ministry and the Master of Divinity, through the Master's Choice program.



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