Course List:

General Studies Curriculum Credit Hours
PGRW6023 Ethical Issues in Ministry 3
MINS6033 The Church in the Twenty-First Century 3
BIBL6003 Biblical Hermeneutics 3
PGRW6003 The Pastor as a Person 3
PGRP6023 Contemporary Approaches to Preaching 3
THEO6013 Contemporary Theological Issues 3
THEO6023 The Doctrine of Holiness 3
MINS6043 Building Ministry Teams 3
LEDR6023 Church Growth 3
LEDR6033 Managing the Church 3

Course Descriptions:

PGRW6023: Ethical Issues in Ministry

An examination of current theories and practices of leadership, along with an exploration of the thesis that effective and ethical leadership lies in a commitment to universal moral principles, including justice, integrity, and compassion. Challenges to this thesis are also examined. Specialized assignments will focus on moral leadership in the church in a pluralistic world.

MINS6033: The Church in the Twenty-First Century

A study of biblical, historical, and contemporary understandings of the Church to develop insights and competencies in the practice of ministry.

BIBL6003: Biblical Hermeneutics

An examination of the principles underlying the interpretation of the various types of literature found in the Bible. Special emphasis is given to the exegesis of scriptural passages for preaching and teaching.

PGRW6003: The Pastor as a Person

An inquiry into self-understanding, personal spiritual growth, and goal development for the practice of ministry.

PRWP6023: Contemporary Approaches to Preaching

A study of contemporary patterns of preaching in the Christian church. Topics include narrative preaching, biographical preaching, preaching with imagination, life-situation preaching, inductive preaching, seeker-sensitive preaching, and other models.

THEO6013: Contemporary Theological Issues

An analysis of contemporary theological issues with which the parish minister may be confronted and a consideration of ways to respond to the issues. Special emphasis is given to historical backgrounds and current trends in Christian thought.

THEO6023: The Doctrine of Holiness

A Wesleyan theological examination of the doctrine of holiness. Attention is given to the doctrine as it has been understood historically within the American holiness and Wesleyan traditions respectively. This course will address such topics as sin, justification, sanctification, and holiness, with application to preaching and teaching within the local church.

MINS6043: Building Ministry Teams

A systematic examination of psychological and sociological variables that are important in the comprehension of individual motivation, the managing of groups, interpersonal relationships, and organizational effectiveness, as well as creativity and leadership within the organization. Specialized assignments will explore the biblical foundations for understanding of ministry by all of God's people and for leadership in that ministry, with special emphasis given to the biblical basis for the use of teams in ministry and in giving leadership to that ministry, resulting in an understanding of the values of the teams in ministry and strategies for the development of such teams in the local setting.

LEDR6023: Church Growth

An introduction to the theory and practical application of marketing principles. Special emphasis is given to developing a framework for analyzing strategic marketing situations by defining target markets and developing a marketing mix related to the market stakeholders of the organization. Specialized assignments will focus on the practice, policy, and methods of church growth in local and worldwide settings, with special emphasis given to sociological, anthropological, and ethnic factors.

LEDR6033: Managing the Church

A study of how organizations formulate, implement, and evaluate strategies. Students study strategic management concepts and techniques used to chart the future direction of different organizations. The major responsibility of the student is to make objective strategic decisions based on an integrated perspective of the program curriculum and to justify their decisions through oral and written communication. Specialized assignments will focus on a theological study of the principles of church finance, with special emphasis given to developing a sound financial base for ministry and management.

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