Getting Started
Admission Qualifications

Applicants are expected to have completed one course in computer programming and a college-level course in discrete mathematics or equivalent course. For students without course work in either of these areas, MVNU provides the following options:
  • Courses are available in the MVNU general studies program to fulfill these requirements:
    • CSC1033 Fundamentals of Computer Programming in Java
    • MAT1053 Elementary Discrete Mathematics
  • For applicants with experience or background in these areas, but no formal course credit, MVNU provides a placement examination option for each of these prerequisite courses. Students will be required to achieve a passing score on the examination to meet the requirement.
  • With the approval by MVNU, courses may be taken and transferred from another accredited college or university to meet these requirements.
How Do I Get Started?

Call us at 1-800-839-2355 for more information or to register, or apply now!

How to Finance Your Education

Our financial aid office will assist with application process for tuition reimbursement from employer, federal student aid, or a student loan.

Graduation Requirements

A total of 120 semester hours is needed to graduate, including transfer credits.

The 120 semester hours must include the 39 semester hours in the Computer Science-Software Development degree completion program requirements.

In addition, it must include 39 Semester hours in General Education that include:

  • 15 semester hours in Arts & Humanities (Minimum of 3 credit hours in a capstone English composition course with a research writing component, and a minimum of 3 credit hours in Bible/Theology)
  • 15 semester hours in Natural & Social Sciences, Mathematics (Minimum of 3 credit hours in Mathematics, a minimum of 3 credit hours in Social Science)
  • 9 semester hours in Liberal Arts electives

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