Getting Started
Admission Qualifications

Applicants are selected based on their academic background and professional experience. They are expected to have completed a minimum of 56 transferable academic credits, including:
  • At least one course in computer programming;
  • A college-level course in discrete mathematics or equivalent course.
  • Completion of two years of full-time work experience.
For students without course work in either of these areas, MVNU provides the following options:
  • Courses are available in the MVNU general studies program to fulfill these requirements:
    • CSC1033 Fundamentals of Computer Programming in Java
    • MAT1053 Elementary Discrete Mathematics
  • For applicants with experience or background in these areas, but no formal course credit, MVNU provides a placement examination option for each of these prerequisite courses. Students will be required to achieve a passing score on the examination to meet the requirement.
  • With the approval by MVNU, courses may be taken and transferred from another accredited college or university to meet these requirements.
How Do I Get Started?

Call us at 1-800-839-2355 for more information or to register.

How to Finance Your Education

Our financial aid office will assist with application process for tuition reimbursement from employer, federal student aid, or a student loan.

Graduation Requirements

A total of 120 semester hours is needed to graduate, including transfer credits.

The 120 semester hours must include the 38 Semester hours in the Computer Science-Software Development degree completion program requirements.

In addition, it must include 39 Semester hours in General Education that include:

  • 15 semester hours in Arts & Humanities (Minimum of 3 credit hours in a capstone English composition course with a research writing component, and a minimum of 3 credit hours in Bible/Theology)
  • 15 semester hours in Natural & Social Sciences, Mathematics (Minimum of 3 credit hours in Mathematics, a minimum of 3 credit hours in Social Science)
  • 9 semester hours in Liberal Arts electives

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