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M2540 — Belize

M2540 - Belize

Belize Student Scholarships 
The families of children in poor, rural villages often can't afford to pay the fees to attend school. Education is a key economic, social and cultural asset for individuals and communities. We believe that Christ-centred education is one of the ways the Lord builds the nations. Through our M2540 partnership with faith-based schools in Belize, you can sponsor a child and make education a reality. With a donation of just $35, you can make it possible for a child to go to school for an entire year.

Belize Clean Water Coalition
Waterborne illness is a leading cause for absence in the schools of Belize. Without access to clean drinking water, sick children are forced to miss school in the earliest years of their educational development, an unfortunate occurrence that directly impacts their ability to provide for themselves later in life. The MVNU Enactus Belize Clean Water Coalition, in partnership with the M2540 initiative, focuses on purifying the unclean drinking water of 3 rural villages in Belize. Through the implementation of Berkey water filtration systems in schools, children are educated on the importance of clean drinking water and granted access to the purified resource.

Through your donations, we hope to implement 7 more Berkey systems this year into various schools across Belize. Help us continue to educate and empower Belize natives through the provision of clean, healthy drinking water.

While giving online, please specify in the comment section which initiative you'd like to support.

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