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Freshmen Win University Games

Upcoming Events

Oct. 17-21
Mid-Semester Break

Oct. 22-24
Fall Revival

Oct. 24
"Friday Night Live"

Oct. 25
MVNU Parents Day

Oct. 27
Lecture Artst Joel Klepac

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The unthinkable has happened. We all knew it was possible, but never thought we'd see it. Yes, the freshman class upset the seniors, juniors, and sophomores and won University Games.
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What Should I do if My Student Gets Homesick?

College requires some adjustment. Students find themselves doing their own laundry, managing a hectic schedule, and taking care of daily needs. Almost all students get homesick at some point during their first year, especially in the beginning. Here are some helpful tips and items to consider when dealing with a homesick student.
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MVNU Parents' Day

Saturday, Oct. 25
MVNU Parents' Day is just a couple of weeks away. A postcard invitation has been sent detailing the specific events and times for the day, so checking the mailbox often! This is a great opportunity for parents to spend some time with their student on campus and to get a taste of college life.

The schedule is laid back, offering a number of activities for students, parents, and the entire family to enjoy. The day will offer men's and women's soccer; dime-a-dog sponsored by SGA; Open Houses in our residence areas; an Oaktoberfest with hayrides, food, and games; and much more. Our campus is absolutely beautiful during the autumn and Parents' Day is a great time to plan a visit. We'll see you soon!

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