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Nutritional Awareness Program


We have developed our unique, copyrighted nutritional awareness program as part of the total service we provide our clients. The program will inform our students, faculty and staff about their dietary choices -- and how these can affect their health. We feel the obligation to help our "customers" make dietary choices that count toward their total wellness.

We designed the program under the direction of a physician and a dietitian, who are available to consult with Pioneer at any time. Ask our dietitian.

The program has many different facets:

  • A handbook titled "Your Foodservice Presents: A MATTER OF CHOICE, PROPER NUTRITION - A KEY TO BETTER HEALTH," is given to each boarding student at the beginning of the school year. It discusses some basic facts about nutrition such as dietary guidelines, the food pyramid, nutrients, and much more.

    This handbook features a specific emphasis on fat gram management as a way to healthier eating. Each service area will have a listing of foods served, recommended serving sizes, and the fat grams per serving. These are handy reminders to our diners about the importance of restricting fat in their diet.

  • A variety of framed posters containing nutritional information are also displayed in the cafeteria. Look for a rotation of subjects throughout the school year. You are encouraged to use these as daily reminders of the healthy choices offered to you.

  • Newsletters that highlight a new topic, or topics, are also available, covering subjects such as stress management, vitamins, our junk food diet, etc. In addition to a featured topic, the FYI section lists nutritional "factoids" gathered from other sources, such as diet and nutrition newsletters and trade publications. Seven editions are published during the school year.

  • Nutri-Notes table tents are sent to our clients each month along with the monthly newsletters. They serve as interesting reminders about some new facet of wellness and are a very visible part of our program, serving to keep the whole program in front of our students.

  • An attractive display area, containing other source materials, is the focal point to our managers. They can help a student with a particular question that might not be covered in the other aspects of our program.

The program was designed with the assistance of a physician and dietician. We can make the additional support of a dietitian available to any of our clients on a consulting basis, if required.

We will strive to make this program another part of your students preparation for life. Our goal is to help students make a commitment to a healthy diet -- one that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives!

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