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Insurance information

Residential students receive supplemental health insurance as a part of the health-care fee, payable annually at registration. The insurance is the primary insurance during the student's attendance at Mount Vernon Nazarene University and is independent of parental insurance coverage. The student health insurance provides coverage on items that are commonly not covered by standard family insurance policies.


The plan practically assures that the student can consult the University physician within 24 hours Monday through Friday. Same day appointments are often available if the student contacts the Student Health Services early in the day on weekdays. Appointments requested later in the day or for specialists require longer wait times. The student health insurance covers local physician appointments when arranged through the Director of Student Health Services.

The plan covers the student 24 hours a day for the academic year. While the exact dates vary from year to year, the coverage period begins in mid-August and extends to end of May. The plan coordinates benefits with the intercollegiate athletic insurance.


  • There is no deductible or co-payment.
  • The plan pays $150.00 per accident or illness when the student is treated as an out-patient during the time of coverage.
  • The plan provides for partial coverage for hospital admission and surgeries (out-patient and in-patient).
  • In the case of hospitalization, the policy assists in paying the deductible and co-payments associated with parents' family insurance.
  • No pre-certification is needed on hospitalizations.
  • Pre-existing injuries or out-patient prescriptions are not covered.


  • Students schedule physician appointments through the Student Health Services Office.
  • The Student Health Services Office processes all the paper work for the student insurance company.
  • For billing purposes, physicians and the hospital consider the student health insurance as the primary policy.
  • The insurance company sends an explanation of benefits to the student at either the home or University address.
  • The family submits the balance of the medical expenses to their insurance provider(s).

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