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Network Accounts top of page

Typically, your username is the initial of your first name followed by up to 7 letters of your last name. For example, Thomas Jefferson's username would be tjeffers. His email account would be When there is more than one person that would have the same username, the last letter is dropped and a number starting with 1 is added. For example, if there is a Theodore Jefferson, his username would be tjeffer1 and his email account would be . Your initial password is your ID number. Your password must be changed when you first login to the network and every 60 days thereafter. If your password expires, you will be warned and given several grace logins before your password actually expires. Choose passwords difficult to guess and do your best to remember it. However, if you forget your password, call the helpdesk at ext. 5555 to have it reset.

Students have a roaming network user account and 100Mb of disk storage for data files. Students can access their network files through any Internet browser. The URL is At the logon screen, enter your network/email username and password.

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The campus uses Novell GroupWise for email. All the computer labs have the GroupWise software on the computers. You can install GroupWise on your dorm computer for free. The library has several copies of the GroupWise software CD as well as a Help Desk Software Tools CD with other tools and software that can be checked out with your university ID. Also, you can access your email through any Internet browser by typing in the address Your email username and password are the same as your network account.

Other email clients can access MVNU email servers. On campus, set inbound and outbound email servers to (for pop email clients) and (for imap email clients). Off campus, set the appropriate inbound email server ( or and set the outbound email server to that specified by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Your MVNU email account is used for all official MVNU communications. It is your responsibility to check your email regularly to avoid missing important communications. You have access to your MVNU email account from anywhere in the world (, including the computers available in labs across campus. See the Computer Labs section below for the locations and hours of the labs. Your password is set to expire periodically (at least 60 days). You will receive the password expired message which will allow you a limited number of "grace" logons before your account becomes inaccessible. (Please note: If you use another email client such as Outlook Express, you will not receive the password expired message. You should logon to webmail or use the GroupWise client on any lab computer at least every 60 days and change your password. This will reset the date when your password will expire.) It is important to change your password when you receive the password expired message. If your email becomes inaccessible, contact the Help Desk at ext. 5555 or to have your password reset.

Personal Institutional Information - myMVNU top of page

You have access to your personal Mount Vernon Nazarene University information through MVNU's Web Portal at . This web site gives you access to your grades, class schedule, billing account, chapel attendance, campus directories, vehicle registration, and more. The process for creating your myMVNU login account will automatically create your Blackboard password (necessary for classes using Blackboard course management software). Access to this information is also available off campus. For more information and how to setup access, go to the following URL:

Blackboard Course Web Sites top of page

Many MVNU courses use Blackboard to provide web resources and communication tools that can be used from any computer connected to the Internet, and the library also uses Blackboard to provide information about how to use their systems (see ). Your instructor will tell you if Blackboard will be used for a particular class. Your Blackboard user name is the same as your network login and email name, and the password is the same one that you use to access myMVNU (the web portal). If you have not already setup access to your student information at MVNU, go to, and click on the link Create My Account. You only need to setup access once, even if you are taking multiple courses that use Blackboard. To access Blackboard from any computer connected to the internet:
  1. Open a web browser. Internet Explorer version 5 or newer is preferred, but Netscape version 4.0 or newer should also work.
  2. Enter in the address box.
  3. Click on the Blackboard Login button on the left side of the page.
  4. After logging in, you will see a list of links to your courses that are using Blackboard.
Dorm Network Installation Help top of page

There are two IP network connections available in each residential room. This means that you can access your email and any Internet related sites (items you would go to using Netscape or Internet Explorer). As noted above, you can access your network files through any Internet browser. The URL is . At the logon screen, enter your network/email username and password. On move-in day and throughout the year, help will be available to connect you to the network through a student group called Motherboard. The Motherboard will provide limited student computer support throughout the academic year. Look for additional information to be provided before classes start regarding this service. Call the Help Desk at ext. 5555 for more information.

There are three important steps in getting your computer connected to the MVNU Resnet:

  1. Be sure you meet the minimum hardware and software requirements (see Student Role and Responsibilities below).
  2. If you have a Microsoft Windows computer, have it pre-certified (click to see the 2007 Microsoft Windows Pre-Certification Checklist). Bring a copy of this checklist with you when you come to MVNU. When you arrive, your network port will be quarantined. A technician must confirm that your computer meets the requirements before the port will become active. Having your computer pre-certified will expedite this process.
  3. You must ?register? your computer before it can be used on the MVNU Resnet. This is done electronically during your certification process while in your residence. (

NOTE: McAfee anti-virus is available for free upon your arrival at MVNU. Microsoft Office 2003 (limited number of copies) and Microsoft Office 2007 are available also for a discounted price at the MVNU bookstore (approximately $77).

Dorm Networking Issues top of page

Just a reminder that since we are providing network connections in the dorm, unauthorized use of modems and/or wireless access points is prohibited. If you feel you have a special need for a modem or wireless access point, please contact the Director of Network Computing at ext. 4220. Also, due to network configuration constraints, we ask that you do not bring small Ethernet hubs to campus in order to branch off multiple network connections from the ports in the room.

Because of the prevalence of computer viruses, you are expected to do the critical windows updates and to have anti-virus software on your computer. MVNU provides McAfee free to MVNU students. Additional information on how to download this from our server will be provided on move-in day.

Student Role and Responsibilities top of page

Conform to MVNU ?Computer Regulations and Policies? highlighted below. (The full regulations and policies are available at

  • Computer facilities/equipment are provided for instructional and administrative use to help the University more effectively fulfill its mission

  • All applicable laws apply in cyberspace, it is not a separate legal jurisdiction

  • Accounts are for students, faculty, staff and administrators only

  • Accounts and networks are property of MVNU

  • Change passwords frequently ? Do not give out your password

  • The Internet is a limited public resource. Excessive use will be restricted

  • Do not pass on email chain letters or download software that is not reputable

Provide a ?network ready? computer to be connected, and connect only a ?network ready? computer.

Absolute Requirements (consult a computer professional)

HardwareA 10BaseT Ethernet network interface card (NIC) (with fully functioning Ethernet drivers) and a minimum 6 foot, maximum 40 foot, category-5 Ethernet patch cable (RJ45).


Software TCP/IP configured for DHCP, Internet Browser, Anti-Virus (with up-to-date subscription), and current Microsoft security patches (

 Strong Recommendations

HardwareA Pentium IV-class PC or a G4-class Mac with common features (USB, CD/RW).


Software:   Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista Home Premium, or MAC OS 9 or 10. Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007 is also recommended and is available for a substantial discount in the MVNU bookstore. If you use Microsoft Office 2003 and you need to open Microsoft Office 2007 files, you need to download the compatibility pack from Microsoft's web site.

NOTE:  The Motherboard will work only on Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Mac OS 9 or 10.

To Do Prior to Coming to Campus

  • Before coming to MVNU, have a computer professional confirm that the Ethernet is functioning and configured correctly, that your Windows OS is security patched, and that you have anti-virus installed with a current download subscription.
  • Upon arrival, each network port will be on a quarantined network. Your computer must be certified by a Motherboard technician before the port will be online. This process can be expedited by having your computer pre-certified (click to see 2007 Microsoft Windows Pre-Certification document). Look for additional instructions when you arrive this fall.

NOTE: During move-in weekend and the first two weeks of the fall semester, Motherboard technicians will restrict their activities to basic connectivity and registration issues only.

Computer Labs top of page

The computer labs are open for student use whenever there is not a class or the lab is reserved. The hours during the school year are posted on the door of each lab. The General Use Lab in the lower level of the Library is open and staffed throughout the day. In addition, the Mac Lab (FO208) and the FEBC labs are staffed in the evening hours. The labs are closed for Chapel, Wednesday night services, and all University events. In general, the hours when each lab is staffed are:

General Use Lab (LLRC39)
28 PCs and 6 MACs
Monday-Thursday 7:45 am-10:45 pm
Friday 7:45 am-8:15 pm
Saturday 11:00 am-9:45 pm
Sunday 8:30 pm-10:45 pm (unstaffed)

Teaching Lab (LLRC38)
32 PCs
Open and staffed with the General Use lab except for classes and reserved times.

Mac Lab (FO208)
24 MACs
Monday-Thursday 6:00 pm-11:00 pm
Friday 6:00 pm-8:00 pm
Saturday 1:00 pm-4:00 pm

24 PCs each
Monday-Thursday 4:30 pm-11:00 pm

There are also 6 dorm labs with 2 PCs each and the Extended Hours Lab in the library with 6 PCs and 2 Macs. For additional information on computer labs, go to

Printing in Labs top of page

Each student gets the equivalent of 250 black and white pages of printing each semester credited to their account. Each black and white page printed is calculated at $.06/page and each color page is $.75/page. When your print quota is reached, you will not be able to print until the next semester or unless you increase your quota. If you wish to increase your amount before the next semester, you may go to the Instructional Technology Office in the lower level of the Library between 7:45a and 4:30p M-F and increase it in $1.00 increments. NOTE: This amount does not carry over to the next academic year and is not refundable.

Computing Help Desk top of page

If you have questions about technology on the MVNU campus, please contact or (740) 392-6868, ext. 5555. Additional information regarding Help Desk services can be obtained at

Local Computer Repairs and Services* top of page
Businesses in Mount Vernon, Ohio

MVNU is responsible for the network into the dorms. If you are having network problems, call the Help Desk, x5555. If you have problems with your personal computer, the Help Desk can try to help with trouble-shooting, but repair and service on your personal computer is your responsibility. The Motherboard can provide some services on a first come-first served basis. If you need faster response or your need is greater than the services provided by Motherboard, please see the list below of businesses in Mount Vernon that offer computer supplies or repairs/services.


BC Custom Computer Repair Service 901 E Gambier Street 397-6770
ECR Computers Inc. 895 Harcourt Road 392-9246
Home Use Computer Services 11925 Kenyon Road 393-0991
NFO Solutions. 392-4400


Staples 1558 E Coshocton Avenue 392-2155
Wal-Mart 1575 Coshocton Avenue 392-3800

*This list is for information purposes and your convenience. MVNU does not endorse any of the businesses listed. This list is not comprehensive. Check the Mount Vernon telephone directory for additional computer service businesses.

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