Basically, we are here for more than planning sweet events. We are here to represent you, the students of MVNU, and to help you have the best college experience possible. So come to us with your ideas and with your concerns!

The Student Government Association of MVNU has a main purpose: to foster and maintain the aims, ideals and principles of Mount Vernon Nazarene University by:

  • Encouraging academic excellence in accordance with the highest ideals of Christian commitment.
  • Representing itself and the Student Body to the Trustees, Administration, Faculty, and Staff of the University.
  • Providing and supporting student leadership through an active Student Government
  • Developing and maintaining a premier campus experience by encouraging co-curricular activities and supporting all campus chartered clubs and organizations, social and cultural events, and service projects.
  • Promoting responsible participation on the campus through the discussion and consideration of significant issues, and in a broader community, by thoughtful, discriminative attitudes and actions.
  • Manifesting a responsible and respectful attitude toward the policies and purposes of our University as an institution of higher learning within the Church of the Nazarene.

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SGA Representatives 2013-2014