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Spiritual Life Assistants

The Spiritual Life Assistant (SLA) Program is based in the office of Campus Ministries and Small Group Ministries. The SLA program serves to work in conjunction with the Residence Life staff to assist students in their MVNU experience. The Assistant to Chaplain for Small Group Ministries will provide training and supervision; the assigned Resident Director will oversee regular supervision of SLAs. The Assistant to the Chaplain for Small Group Ministries will meet monthly with Resident Directors to coordinate efforts between the two divisions.

SLAs partner with Residence Life staff members in facilitating a spiritual climate in each freshmen residence hall by providing upperclassmen who are trained in one-on-one mentoring and accountability, discipleship, residence hall safety procedures, and who follow the example of Christ by living among the people they serve. SLAs contribute to the overall purpose of each residence hall by leading prayer groups, providing spiritual support, and assisting in the planning of activities and programs that are sponsored by Residence Life. To qualify for a SLA position, a person must first have a deep and ever growing relationship with Jesus Christ, a passion to build positive relationships with their peers, and a GPA of at least 2.5. While an SLA will not have to have all the answers, this student must have a servant's heart, a seeking spirit, and desire to humbly minister to others with the love of Christ. Applications are available on the MVNU Student Portal.

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