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Small Groups

"What is the purpose of a Small Group?"

"Get Connected" - It is our hope that each student will connect with their peers through Godís Word, Christian fellowship, accountability, and serving others. Through these components of spiritual disciplines students will be able to grow in their faith and journey together as they live in community with one another.

  • Discipleship - everyone needs to grow and be challenged in his or her daily journey with Jesus Christ.
  • Fellowship - everyone needs to have healthy relationships and friendships while attending college.
  • Accountability - everyone needs to have someone in his or her life to be a support and help them be responsible for their actions and decisions.
  • Service - everyone needs to have a good understanding and be involved in serving others - whether through a service project or helping someone in the community.

"Who can participate in a Small Group?"

  • All new students (freshmen and transfers) are assigned in their residence halls in groups of 8-10 students. Commuters are also given an opportunity to join a small group at the beginning of the school year.
  • Upperclassmen are encouraged to meet with their peers, athletic teams, social clubs or organizations, campus ministries organizations, or in their apartments.
  • Upperclassmen can also join a small group led by a faculty or staff member that will be held during the Wednesday chapel hour (10:20 am Ė 11:15 am)

"Who can lead a Small Group?"

Upperclassmen students who would like to apply to be a small group leader must read and understand the Small Group Leader Responsibilities sheet, download and fill out an application, and go through a 15 minute interview process with the Small Group Ministries Staff. A student must maintain a 2.2 grade point average and be in good social standing with the office of Student Development. The office of Small Group Ministries trains, resources, and prepares upperclassmen leaders to lead a small group Bible study. Applications are available on the MVNU Student Portal.

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