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Lifestyle Guidelines

So then, let's look at some of the standards of MVNU's community.

First, and most important, is honesty. MVNU sets a standard of honesty among all of its community members. Without that commitment to the truth, the University simply cannot function. It's sad that we have to spell it out, but the world we live in doesn't value truth-telling the way that it should. It seems like the rule of the day is, "If you can do it and not get caught, it's OK." Unfortunately, many of us have been polluted by that kind of thinking.

Are you ready to dedicate yourself to personal honesty? We hope so! It starts with being honest with yourself, and then with all of us around you.

We don't expect you to be perfect at MVNU, but we do expect you to do your best to abstain from and be truthful with us regarding:

  • consuming, trafficking in, or being in the presence of alcoholic beverages,
  • personal misconduct, including sexual promiscuity and harassment,
  • using tobacco in any form,
  • misuse of drugs or use of illegal drugs,
  • participating in inappropriate entertainment forms, including patronizing clubs, gambling, involvement with pornography or any form of promiscuous entertainment.

This code of honesty means that I will remove myself from the University community if I cannot comply with these standards.

Some of these activities are dealt with in Scripture. Others are against the law. Still others are "social standards" that are supported by our primary University constituency, the Church of the Nazarene. Our community at MVNU consists of many different kinds of people: age, denomination, spiritual maturity, home area, ethnic background--we have almost all shapes, sizes and varieties. It's a great feature of MVNU, but with the variety comes different personal convictions.

Decisions about entertainment and media productions offer good examples. MVNU supports the church's values by banning promiscuous, pornographic entertainment, striving to build character, unity, peace, and holy lifestyles in the community.

What about alcoholic beverages? MVNU upholds the principle that alcohol use is detrimental to physical, emotional, social, spiritual and community development. Therefore, a decision to drink alcohol is a decision which requires serious disciplinary response.

Because these are mission and character related, we request that you do not participate in them on or off campus, as long as you are part of the University as a student or employee.

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