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Lifestyle Guidelines

Lifestyle Guidelines

So what happens if someone breaks a rule at MVNU?

We want you to be held accountable for your actions in a number of ways when University guidelines are broken. Some campus privileges may be taken away for a period of time. You may be required to meet regularly with a staff person or a small group of students for growth and encouragement. You may have to pay a fine. When a student violates mission related policies (see Student Life Handbook), suspension or dismissal may result.

Remember, we see discipline as a way to help you grow, just like that budding pianist or athlete. Sometimes the best thing that could happen to you is for you to be held accountable for your actions, even though it may sting for a while. It teaches responsibility and builds Christ-like character; something we all need (Proverbs 3:11, 12; Hebrews 12:10, 11).

If you have questions about some disciplinary action, you can always talk to one of the Student Development Staff about it. We will be careful to handle the matter privately and with respect for your individual rights.

The Student Development Staff are also privileged to answer your questions, give counsel when you ask for it and pray with you about any area of your life.

Mount Vernon Nazarene University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or handicap.

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