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Who Changed Your Life?

School of Education and Professional Studies: Distinguished Professor Scholarship

About the Distinguished Professor Scholarship
Many scholarships exist at MVNU to provide financial support for students in various majors or activities. For students in the School of Education and Professional Studies, a new scholarship has recently been created.

This scholarship encourages scholarly activity and is competitively awarded to students. Not only does it assist students in their research and professional development, it serves to honor a specific individual who has changed your life.

Who Changed Your Life at MVNU?
Looking back at our college experiences, nearly all of us can name at least one professor who profoundly impacted our thinking, shaped our worldviews, inspired our dreams, and nurtured our personal and professional development.

Whether this person taught/teaches at MVNU or another institution, this is your opportunity to honor this individual. You may also choose to donate in honor or memory of someone from whom you learned important life lessons.

Honor someone today!

School of Education and Professional Studies: Distinguished Professor ScholarshipTell Your Story!
Tell us who inspired you and we'll send a letter to the individual you name to acknowledge this honor. If this individual is deceased, we'll do our best to send the letter to a member of his/her family. Let's tell them they've made a difference!

Opportunity to Explore and Excel
The Distinguished Professor Scholarship goes specifically to students with a desire to conduct research; publish; and/or present at local, state, or regional conferences. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible and are encouraged to apply.

These funds provide special opportunities for students to undertake valuable projects, share their work with peers and professionals, and begin establishing a network that will benefit them long into the future.
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