Mount Vernon Nazarene University: Life Changing


Understanding the Need

image Since the founding of Mount Vernon Nazarene University, alumni and friends have played a major role in establishing it as a premier Christian institution of higher education. Contributions have helped thousands of students experience the life changing education offered at MVNU. The mission of MVNU is to shape lives through educating the whole person and cultivating Christ-likeness for lifelong learning and service. Endowments support the mission of MVNU in a powerful and tangible way.

MVNU strives to keep a quality Christian education affordable, but more than 94 percent of students require some form of financial aid to attend. We are committed to keeping the MVNU experience within reach for qualified students regardless of their economic situation. Your support toward a named endowed scholarship can help us keep this commitment. In addition, quality programs require excellence in faculty, equipment, and facilities - all areas supported by endowments.

Making a Difference

Many alumni and friends have not only provided funds through annual support, but have also helped build a permanent financial foundation for MVNU by contributing to the University's endowment. Since 1985, the MVNU endowment has grown from $281,000 to over $15 million in 2015, with scholarships awarded to 385 students in the 2015-16 academic year.

Participation Matters

You can have a lasting impact on this great University and our future alumni. Your investment in MVNU today will shape individuals who are prepared to lead and serve around the globe. Consider giving to the MVNU Endowment. To learn more about establishing an endowment or to view existing endowments, click the available links.

For other scholarship information, please click here.
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