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Phi Delta Lambda is a national honor society of graduates of the higher education institutions sponsored by the Church of the Nazarene in North America. MVNU's chapter, the Kappa chapter, was organized in 1976 with the graduation of the first baccalaureate class.

Membership in the honor society is by vote of the faculty of Mount Vernon Nazarene University, who may elect up to 15% of the baccalaureate degree graduating class from those graduates who have earned a minimum 3.5 cumulative grade point average.

The Greek letters signify core honor society values: Φ (phi for philosophia) for the love of wisdom, Δ (delta for dikaiosune) for righteousness, and Λ (lambda for latreia) for service. Thus the Kappa chapter seeks to (1) nurture the ideals of the love of wisdom, the practice of righteousness, and the attitude of service, (2) promote cordial relations between students and graduates of MVNU, and (3) encourage these ideals in the institutional life of the University.

Activities and Sponsored Events

The Kappa chapter sponsors annual activities and events to support scholarship, spiritual discipline, and service.

  • Chapter constitution (.pdf)
  • Activities and sponsored events — Through the academic year, the Kappa chapter hosts or co-hosts campus events that highlight scholarship and service, conducts an induction ceremony for new members, and invests in scholarships for selected students.
  • Biographical sketch of Phi Delta Lambda Endowed Scholarship recipient for 2013-14.

Phi Delta Lambda Endowed Scholarship recipient for 2013-14:
Micayla Simmons

Micayla SimmonsMicayla Simmons, a junior biology major from Mount Vernon, Ohio plans a career as a physician assistant. During her enrollment at MVNU, she served as the commuter representative to the Student Government Association, enrolled in the honors program, participated in Biology Club, and was a member of the cheerleading corp.

"The MVNU campus community is truly dedicated towards cultivating well-rounded individuals that will benefit society in numerous ways. MVNU promotes a love of wisdom by pushing students to excel in the academic classroom through vigorous, challenging courses. Professors radiate enthusiasm for their fields, which in turn entices students to be excited about the wisdom that they are gaining. Additionally, a love of wisdom is developed in MVNU students through liberal arts education.

Students are exposed to a variety of different subjects in the classroom setting that attracts their interest to an array of topics. An attitude of righteousness and service is encouraged at MVNU through the community of Christians that dwell on the campus. There is a continuous support system of faculty, staff, and friends that serve as compatibility partners to ensure that each and every person maintains an attitude that represents Christ through service, righteousness, and compassion.

MVNU provides opportunities for righteousness and service to be practiced within mission trips, CoSMO groups, and mandate trips. MVNU nurtures a love of wisdom, engages a righteous attitude, and activates a heart of service in all students. These qualities make the character and caliber of MVNU students indomitable."

Giving to Phi Delta Lambda

Honor Dues Other Contributions

Members are encouraged to submit annual dues and to support chapter activities and projects.

  • Annual dues to support annual activities and new member induction activities — $5.00
  • Contributions to the Phi Delta Lambda operating budget to support annual activities and sponsored events
  • Contributions to the Phi Delta Lambda Endowed Scholarship fund, the proceeds from which are dedicated to scholarships to outstanding juniors. Need and merit are dual award criteria.

Electronic payment is now available by clicking the links above, or they may be mailed to the Phi Delta Lambda at the University address: 800 Martinsburg Rd., Mount Vernon, OH 43050.

Executive Council (2012-14) Members and Contact

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