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April 2018


Residence Halls Open

2:00 p.m.

Main Campus


Swaziland Change Wars


Hyson Campus Center 


Human Trafficking

8:00 p.m.

The Barn


Cara Boyd - Senior Recital

5:00 p.m.

Thorne Performance Hall


Maddie Miller - Senior Recital

4:30 p.m.

Thorne Performance Hall

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Nease InstituteBenefits

give yourself a boost

The Nease Institute curriculum and student experience includes several components that have been proven to help boost the preparation and academic accomplishments of college students.

This is a foundational course at MVNU, satisfying a general education requirement of our Liberal Arts curriculum. Public Speaking is a study in the preparation and delivery of informational and persuasive speeches. Not only is this course an excellent introduction to the learning process at MVNU, but it also will provide you with essential tools which can be applied in all of your other college courses. Almost every class of your college career will require that you give a presentation or at least speak informally in front of the class. Over the 15 days of classes within the Nease Institute, you will complete Public Speaking and receive a grade on your MVNU transcript. We have an excellent professor and peer mentors to help you along the way.
This is one of the courses that you will take as a first-semester freshman at MVNU. By participating in the Nease Institute, you will get started on this course before the fall semester even begins! Beginning with the first day of your college career, you will already have learned key strategies for starting strong and succeeding at MVNU. Successfully completing the Nease Institute will not only equip you with strategies for success in college, but will also lighten the load of your first semester in college.
Writing is a fundamental component of almost every course in college, and especially at MVNU. Students who have essential tools and significant practice in writing are much more likely to succeed in their academic pursuits. The Nease Institute includes an integrated writing component. When the fall semester begins, you will have a ‘tool box’ of essential writing skills, and trained writing coaches will be available to help you continue to hone and develop the necessary skills for lifelong success.
Hired and trained by the Center for Student Success, these students will be working alongside the students of the Nease Institute, both during the nineteen days of the summer bridge program and during the freshman year. Our mentors have specific training in how best to help freshmen succeed in time managements, organization, planning, and critical thinking, as well as helping adjust to college life and academics. Our peer tutors are recommended by faculty, have been trained in tutoring best practices, and are excelling in one or more academic area critical to the freshman year.
The MVNU community provides a goldmine of resources to help all students succeed, not just academically but also socially, emotionally, and physically. As our mission statements states, MVNU “exists to shape lives through educating the whole person ...” Over the course of the 19-day summer bridge program, the Nease Institute includes intentional encounters and activities with the resources and people of MVNU that are most valuable to students’ success. In a nutshell, by the end of the Nease Institute, students will know the who and where answers better than most sophomores and juniors. This knowledge and confidence has been cited by past Nease Institute students as the most valuable part of the bridge program.

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Dr. Brad Whitaker
740-397-9000 ext. 4281