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If you want to start or advance to the next stage of your career and aren’t quite sure what’s next, maybe you should consider getting an online degree in project management (PM). Project managers are in high demand and earn an impressive salary. Plus, you can benefit from an extremely versatile skill set, realize your leadership potential, and enjoy flexible working arrangements. The icing on the cake? You can earn your degree online without upending your life. Keep reading to discover six great reasons why you should consider getting an online degree in project management!

What Is an Online Project Management Degree?

To become a project manager, you’ll typically need at least a bachelor’s degree. This could be a general business degree, but some business degree programs—such as a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Project Management—have a more specific focus on project management. Although you’ll likely learn some relevant project management skills in a general business degree program, a program with a project management concentration is the ideal choice for preparing you for a PM career path.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree (and maybe some work experience under your belt) and want to elevate your credentials, you may want to pursue a master’s degree in project management. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is the ideal choice and can typically be completed in just two years.

Whether you choose to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree, consider an online program. Online project management degree programs tend to be more flexible and affordable, making them a practical option. And when you go with an accredited program, you can be sure your coursework will truly prepare you for the career ahead and your degree will be a well-respected addition to your resume.

When it comes to online degree programs, not all learners are new to the professional world. You may even be working in a project management role already. If so, a project management degree can help you sharpen your skills and improve your earning potential.

The Benefits of an Online Project Management Degree

The decision to enroll in a degree program is always a big one. Earning your degree involves an investment of time, energy, and finances, so you want to ensure it’s really worth it. Here are six reasons an online project management degree is well worth the investment:

Gain a versatile skill set.

Do you get bored after a while in a certain field or want to keep your options open as you search for jobs? Project management is one of those extremely versatile roles that transcends any one industry. You could apply your knowledge of planning and executing projects to maximize efficiency in a variety of contexts, allowing you to choose the project management role that best fits your interests and experience. And you can always switch companies or industries without abandoning your new skillset!

Join an in-demand career.

As a project manager, you can be sure your skills will be in high demand. There is no shortage of PM jobs available for those with the right credentials and motivation. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of project management specialists is expected to expand by 7 percent over the course of 2021 to 2031, with approximately 70,400 job openings available to project managers every year.

Earn a great salary.

If you’re looking for a business career with high earning potential, project management is a great choice. PM specialists earn a median salary of $94,500, according to the BLS. With a project management degree, you can start earning an impressive salary right away, as the average salary for an entry-level project management position is nearly $87,000, according to Indeed.

Realize your leadership potential.

Leadership is a valuable skill in many occupations. If you have a knack for taking charge and helping others in your circle succeed, then project management may be a great career fit for you. Using related soft skills such as communication, time management, organization, and interpersonal skills can help you:

  • Rally team members around a common goal.
  • Delegate tasks to the appropriate employees or teams.
  • Keep projects on budget.
  • Motivate employees to stay on track.
  • Creatively solve problems as they arise.
  • Update stakeholders on progress and results.

A degree in project management will help you sharpen the skills you need to succeed in all of these areas. It will also teach you how to be detail-oriented while maintaining a focus on the big picture—an important part of effective leadership as a PM.

Enjoy flexible work arrangements.

According to Pew Research, despite the increase in remote work in recent years, jobs that can be performed from home are still in the minority. If you enjoy working from home or hope to do so in the future, a project management degree is a smart choice. Project management naturally lends itself to remote or hybrid work and flexible working hours because most communication between project managers and other stakeholders occurs virtually. PMs today typically use cloud-based project management software that they can access anywhere—not just in an office.

Boost your credentials while you keep working.

One of the best things about an online degree program is that it allows you to earn your degree on your terms. Instead of having to put the rest of your life on hold while you attend classes on campus, you can enjoy greater flexibility. With an asynchronous learning program, there are no live lectures you need to join. That means you can fit coursework into your schedule when it works for you (such as evenings and weekends) and continue working if you want to while you earn your degree.

Take the First Step Toward a Career in Project Management

Does it sound like project management would be a good fit for you? If so, consider enrolling in a degree program from MVNU Online. Want to learn more about online business degree programs so you can find the right fit? Download our guide “Why a BBA Degree? Paths to Success and Careers in Business”!

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