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MVNU Online Financial Aid Policies

MVNU Online Financial Aid and Course Attendance Information

MVNU Online Financial Award

All necessary financial aid paperwork must be complete prior to the first night of class. This paperwork may include, but is not limited to FAFSA, Master Promissory Note, Entrance Counseling, and verification paperwork.

Prior to your first night of class, you will receive a financial aid notification

The award letter will detail your eligibility for all forms of financial aid and will include the academic year and disbursement dates.

You’ll be awarded your maximum eligibility for all financial aid, including Federal Stafford Loans. You must immediately notify the Financial Aid office if you don’t want part of the award.

MVNU Online Attendance Policy

Federal regulations require that you don’t have a break in your attendance of more than 45 days from the end of one course to the start of another course. A break in attendance that is 30 days or more requires one of the following:

  • Fill the break with another course
  • Apply for a Leave of Absence
  • Withdraw from the university

Schedule Changes Or Course Failure

Federal regulations require that you must successfully complete all required credit hours for each disbursement. You’ll be unable to receive a new disbursement of financial aid unless this regulation is fulfilled.

Any schedule change — adds or drops — will affect your financial aid eligibility and a new award letter will be issued. It is your responsibility to contact MVNU to determine the impact of the change on your award.

Finally, you must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress to remain eligible to receive financial aid. This includes maintaining a specific grade point average and making continuous progress toward completing your program within a specific timeframe.


The Student Financial Services office is required to complete a Return of Funds Calculation if you withdraw to determine what percentage of aid you’re eligible to keep. Based on the calculation, funds may need to be returned to the state or Department of Education. This may create an outstanding balance on your account. Student Accounts will adjust your bill once the calculation is complete.

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