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On-Campus Financial Aid

 Explore the financial aid options at MVNU + get the details on tuition, scholarships, grants, and loans.

Financial Aid at Mount Vernon

A college degree is an important investment in your future, but the sticker price can be overwhelming. Fact: 100% of students at MVNU receive financial assistance. 

Want to explore the financial aid offerings at MVNU? Keep scrolling. If you have any questions about your specific financial situation, shoot us an email or give us a call!

Committed to affordability

We have students who come from families just like yours.


Let us help you find your path to MVNU.

How much does MVNU cost?

"I had already picked a public university, but then I changed my mind. My dad had heard that MVNU was more affordable, and we only had one month to get everything together. This was all God's doing — between financial aid and scholarships, I paid significantly less at MVNU than what I was going to pay at the public university."- Marissa L. Kalina, '19

Group 7002
Housing & Food


*For a meal plan + double occupancy room.

Group 7002


*For a student with 12-18 credit hours per semester

Group 7002

~ $1,400

Varies depending on courses

Group 7002

~ $5,600

Include fees, transportation, + personal/misc.

* Course fees are listed in the catalog.

How we make it affordable

To answer that, let’s first discuss STICKER PRICE vs. ACTUAL COST

Sticker Price

*Includes Tuition, Room & Board, and $250 Student Fee


These are gifts from individuals, institutions, companies, and communities. You don’t ever have to pay back a scholarship award. Remember: Endowed scholarships from MVNU require a new application every year.


These are financial awards from the federal and state governments. These are awarded to students automatically and based on the info from the FAFSA (get that done ASAP). You also don’t pay back a grant. 


These are the ones that you borrow and then pay back. Generally, the payment isn’t due until you graduate or you’re enrolled at MVNU for less than half-time hours. Make sure you apply early because this process takes time.

Actual Price

The amount of aid will vary depending on your specific financial and family situation. 

The average aid package for an MVNU student was $26,215 for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Once you apply for admission + financial aid, we’ll be able to calculate your actual cost.

How can we help?

You don’t have to figure this out alone. We’re here for you. Give us a call or check out these other free resources. 

Get the details on our processes & costs in this concise guide for on-campus students.

This resource allows students to explore & apply for scholarships, plus get info on over 900 potential careers

Learn how to avoid scammers and discover the necessary requirements to achieve maximum financial aid.

Explore a comprehensive collection of info about financial aid (which includes calculators).

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