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Freshman Scholarships

Freshman Scholarships

These awards were for the 2021–2022 academic year.

Academic Awards

Admission to MVNU for 2023-24 is test optional. This means we will review applications in a holistic manner using high school GPA and the completed courses to help determine admissions. Our academic scholarships are based completely on the student’s high school cumulative unweighted GPA. No other criteria will be used to determine these scholarship amounts.

Founders Scholarship $20,000 4.0+
Heritage Scholarship $18,500 3.75-3.99
Achievement Scholarship $16,000 3.0-3.74
Recognition Scholarship $13,000 2.5-2.99
Promise Grant $8,000 <2.5

Merit Awards

Other Awards

Diversity Leadership Scholarship Program (DLSP) Up to $4,000
Nazarene Pastor or Missionary Dependent** $6,500
Pastor or Missionary Dependent $2,500
Nazarene Challenge** $2,500
Athletic Scholarships Varies
Music Scholarships Up to $5,000
Institutional Ministerial $1,000
Esther Buchwald Art Scholarship Varies (portfolio required)

**Nazarene Pastor or Missionary Dependent and Nazarene Challenge may not be combined.

MVNU Need-Based Awards

University Fund Scholarship — Varies (need-based on FAFSA and remaining need)

Federal Grants

Federal Pell Grant — up to $6,345 (need-based, determined by FAFSA)

Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant - $500 (need-based, determined by FAFSA, limited funding)

Federal Work Study Eligibility — Unlike a federal Pell grant or scholarship, you won't get work study funds for free – you will have to work for them. Up to $1,800 (need-based by FAFSA; must secure job to receive)

Federal Loans

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan — at least $2,000 (non-need-based, subject to a 1.057% Department of Education origination fee, interest accrues immediately at 3.73% rate, deferred until 6 months after graduation or not enrolled)

Federal Direct PLUS Loan — Varies (Loan in parent's name requires credit check. Awarded on difference between financial aid and direct costs. Subject to a 4.228% Department of Education origination fee, 10 year term, 6.28% interest rate)

Federal Direct Subsidized Loan — up to $3,500 (need-based, subject to a 1.057% Department of Education origination fee, fixed interest rate is 5.50% but is deferred while a student is registered for at least six credit hours, repayment on the principal begins six months after completing program of study or dropping below six credit hours.


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