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MVNU Honors Program

Why join the Honors program at MVNU? Because as a high-achieving student, you’re ready for the challenge. You’ll take part in unique courses, special extracurricular opportunities, and enjoy a supportive environment in which you can excel.

What is the Honors Program?

Most importantly, the MVNU Honors Program is NOT designed to give motivated and high-achieving students simply more work to do or more classes to take. The Honors Program is a carefully crafted set of courses that replace some of MVNU’s General Education requirements; these unique, discussion-based courses, taught by full faculty at the university, emphasize critical and integrative thinking along with practical skills that will benefit you while you are in college and beyond, whether you are headed to post-graduate studies or directly into a career.

Our program is made up of two, 2-year programs, and students may complete both or just one, based on their individual interests and goals.

TIER 1: Honors Innovation & Service Program: 2 years (first-year entry only)

Honors Discipleship of the Christian Mind (COR1012)

Honors Innovation and Problem Solving (HON1033)

Honors Collaboratory (HON2042)

Honors Seminars (HON1021/2021) (at least 2)

9 hour program (replaces 6 hours of General Education requirements) 

*During the student’s second year, they will be invited to apply to Tier 2, the Honors Research Scholars Program.

TIER 2: Honors Research Scholars Program (2 years)

Honors Project Preparation (HON3091)

Honors Research Hours (HON4099) (1-3)

Honors Seminars (at least 2)  

Honors Senior Seminar

6-8 hour program (with three hours of substitution) 

What are the benefits?

Beyond the tangible benefits, the true value of the program is how it will influence you as an academic, a human being, and a Christian, as you learn to connect the dots between your studies, your life, and your faith.

As an Honors student, you will be part of a community of students who investigate compelling topics and texts, ask tough questions, and engage in discussion and debate. Often, when classes are over, those conversations continue in the dorm or the Caf, as you discover what it means to take an active role in your education.

Participation in the program also includes:

  • $1,000 annual scholarship
  • Designated Honors housing (for first-year students)
  • Early course registration (once on campus)
  • Dedicated Honors Study Room
  • Recognition as an “Honors Scholar” at graduation and on your transcript

What are the requirements?

To qualify for Tier 1, the Honors Innovation and Service Program, you must be entering into MVNU as a first-year student who meets at least two of the following three eligibility requirements:

  • 3.5+ High School GPA
  • 25+ ACT score or 1210+ SAT score
  • Top 15% class ranking

Eligible students should apply first to the university and will then be notified to register for Scholars Day [link] (see below).

Students interested in Tier 2, the Honors Research Scholars Program, apply once they are enrolled at MVNU. Applicants must have a 3.5 collegiate GPA. For more details, please contact Dr. Brett Wiley, Director of the Honors Program.

Honors Program Events

For More Information

Honors Program Director
Dr. Brett Wiley
740-390-6868, ext. 3515

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