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MVNU Test Center

The Test Center is located on the third floor of the Thorne Library and Learning Resource Center. We’ll provide you with a quiet, classroom-like testing environment. This can be used for distance learning or make-up examinations, which can be administered securely according to instructor's guidelines. You’ll find directions to our Test Center at the bottom of this page.

Test Center

The Test Center is located on the third floor of the Thorne Library and Learning Resource Center. This center serves to provide students with a quiet, classroom-like testing environment, distance learning, or make-up examinations, which can be administered securely according to instructor's guidelines.

Testing Procedures

We prefer that you make an appointment. But, if space allows, we may be able to accommodate walk-ins. Please call (740) 397-9000 ext. 4230 or email for an appointment.

Prior to your test:

  • You’ll need to show us a photo ID
  • You’ll need to leave all of your personal belongings in the locker area. Your cell phone must be silenced and locked in the locker. You’re only allowed to take the required examination materials into the testing area. Food and drinks aren’t allowed in the testing area.

During the test:

  • You’ll need to have integrity. The Test Center requires adherence to MVNU's academic integrity code. Cheating will not be tolerated. If misconduct occurs in the Test Center, an Incident Report detailing the situation will be submitted to your instructor.

Tests We Administer for Students


If you’re absent from a class and need to make-up an exam, you’ll need to have your course instructor make a request and give us authorization to administer the test to you. You’ll also have to make arrangements to have the instructor provide the testing materials to the Test Center in advance of the make-up examination.


This is for general education and end-of-program assessments. If you missed the general education core testing (junior test) or end-of-program testing in your major (senior test), the assessments may be scheduled by appointment in the Test Center.


Diagnostic, placement, or proficiency tests for business, chemistry, mathematics, nursing, psychology, religion, social work, or Spanish may be taken through the Test Center.


We can facilitate your online or correspondence course examinations if you’re enrolled in distance education programs from other universities. Prior authorization is required to ensure the Test Center will be approved to administer the examination. For non-MVNU students there will be an administration fee. You may need to provide the appropriate information for the distance learning university.


Pearson VUE Tests administered at the Test Center include the Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) and National Evaluation Series (NES) tests for the teacher education program. Register for these Pearson VUE tests online by the respective websites. The Test Center does not register candidates for these assessment instruments.

Faculty Services

The Test Center serves faculty through proctoring and scoring objective examinations.

Contact the Test Center (x4230 or email to get additional information. Please note the Test Center does not administer exams for an entire class when the professor is not available.


  • We facilitate administration of make-up examinations necessitated by student class absences when requested and authorized by the instructor of the course. Instructors must provide the testing materials to the Test Center in advance of the make-up examination and authorize individual students for the make-up examination.
  • A Proctor Request Form is required for each student taking a make-up exam. This form provides the Test Center with information on proctoring exams according to your specifications. The form may be accessed through: SharePoint/ReadOnly/AcademicAffairsDivision/TestCenter.
  • The exam should be delivered to the Test Center personally, sent through campus mail, or emailed to
  • After administration, the exam may be picked up in person or sent back through campus mail.


  • We offer scoring of objective examinations (true-false, matching, or multiple choice) when students record their responses on ScanTron answer sheets. The instructors must provide the scoring key, item weights, and other information to the Test Center.
  • A Scantron Submission Form is required for each set of tests being graded. This form is available through SharePoint/ReadOnly/AcademicAffairsDivision/TestCenter.
  • Please allow until the end of the next business day for a set of exams to be scored. Every attempt is made to have exams graded within the same day they are received. 
    • Class Response Report: Lists answers given by every student, sorted by ID number. See Sample A
    • Item Analysis Report: Based upon raw scores. Statistically calculates the reliability and effectiveness of a question. See Sample B.
    • Roster Report: A list of all students and their grade, sorted by last name. See Sample C.
    • Score Distribution by Percentile: Gives statistics of the class distribution of scores. See Sample D.
    • Histogram: Gives statistics of the class distribution of scores in the form of a bar graph. See Sample E.
    • Student Test Report: A report to return to students. It contains their scores and their answers to each item. See Sample F. 
    • Text File: Can be used for an Excel spreadsheet

Directions to the Test Center

From State Route 586, Martinsburg Road, enter the brick-walled front entrance and proceed to the stop sign. Turn right onto the perimeter loop drive. Park in the parking lot near the gazebo. Proceed up the steps to the Thorne library, which is the first building on the right. Continue up the library steps to the top floor. Turn left. The Test Center is on the right at the end of the hallway.

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