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Summer Learn

MVNU Summer Learn

Why would you want to take an online course in the summer?

That’s a great question! Our summer courses are competitively priced so they can help you get ahead and save money on your overall degree program.

Summer Learn allows you to get some of your general education classes completed, so that during the fall and spring semesters, you can spend more time focused on your major.

These online classes are convenient and flexible. You’ll be able to take them even if you have a job and other responsibilities during the summer. Additionally, MVNU Summer Learn makes it easy for our current students to take summer classes online without the hassle of transferring credits from other institutions.

MVNU Summer Learn is great for:

  • Freshmen who want a head start
  • Athletes who need extra time during busy seasons
  • High achievers who want to graduate early
  • College or high school students who want to save money on general education credits


The cost per credit hour is only $295. This is less than half the price of credit hours for fall or spring semester, making these classes an ideal way to earn your degree faster and save money.

Time Commitment

Have a busy summer? With our fully online format, you can control your time commitment by selecting six- or eight-week semester plans. Choose from five different terms:

  • A6 Term: 6 weeks, May 8–June 18
    Deadline to register: May 1.
  • A8 Term: 8 weeks, May 8–July 2
    Deadline to register: May 1.
  • B6 Term: 6 weeks, June 12–July 30
    No online courses week of July 4.
    Deadline to register: June 5.
  • B8 Term: 8 weeks, June 12–August 13
    No online courses week of July 4.
    Deadline to register: June 5.
  • C6 Term: 6 weeks, July 10–August 20
    Deadline to register: July 3.
Students may take no more than 2 courses per term and a maximum of 15 credit hours for the summer. See the Summer Learn Dates PDF.


Click here for available courses this summer.

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