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Framework for Christian Education at MVNU


As a school in the Wesleyan tradition, love is fundamental both to our understanding of who God is and to our understanding of who humans are as image-bearers. God is love—three persons eternally existing in a relational communion of self-giving love. The commands to love God and neighbor reverberate throughout Scripture, and that love flourishes in those who encounter the love of God poured out into their hearts by the Holy Spirit.

Love is the source from which the University-level educational goals flow. At Mount Vernon Nazarene University, we believe students are transformed by God’s love, and their deepening love for God and neighbor is evident in their scholarship, character, and service:

Scholarship: Rigorous · Practical
MVNU graduates
  1. Embrace learning and inquiry as a joyful act of worship in response to God’s grace
  2. Embody a commitment to developing the whole person through engaging the liberal arts
  3. Cultivate habits of academic excellence for ardent lifelong learning
  4. Integrate knowledge and practice in the disciplines and master essential professional skills for flourishing at work


Character: Hospitable · Ethical
MVNU graduates
  1. Mature into persons of vibrant faith within the body of Christ
  2. Practice intellectual and relational hospitality as an embodiment of love for neighbor
  3. Embody humility and inclusivity, responding to intellectual and cultural diversity with gracious openness
  4. Incarnate Christian virtues and exercise ethical reasoning


Service: Transformative · Vocational
MVNU graduates
  1. Work toward restoration in a broken world through humble acts of justice and mercy
  2. Pursue just and healthy relationships
  3. Shape local, national, and global communities to foster the common good
  4. Discover, cultivate, and steward their vocations, gifts, and resources to promote the flourishing of all creation

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