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The faculty at MVNU are not only accomplished educators, but also servant leaders who have a passion for mentoring the next generation.

Meet the Faculty

School of Arts and Humanities - Dr. Yvonne Schultz, Dean

Art and Design Department:

Communication Department:

English and History Department:

Music Department:

School of Christian Ministry - Dr. Doug VanNest, Dean

Jetter School of Professional Studies - Dr. Melanie Timmerman, Dean

Business Department:

Education Department:

Social Work Department:

  • Dr. Jennifer Jacobsen, Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • Professor Jeff Styer, Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • Professor Sharon Simmons, Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • Dr. Rachel Young, Assistant Professor of Social Work, Traditional Social Work Program Chair, GPS Coordinator

School of Natural and Social Sciences - Dr. LeeAnn Couts, Dean

Biology and Physical Sciences Department:

Engineering Department:

Mathematics and Computer Science Department:

Psychology/Criminal Justice Department:

School of Nursing and Health Sciences - Dr. Judy Gregg, Dean

Nursing Department:

Doctor of Nursing Practice Department:

  • Dr. Jessica Meyers, Assistant Professor and Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, DNP Program Coordinator

Administrative Faculty

  • Dr. Eric Browning***, Assistant Professor of Counseling and Director of Counseling and Wellness
  • Mr. Scott Campbell****, Vice President for Finance, and Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Brenita Nicholas-Edwards***, Professor of Intercultural Studies, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, Director of the Center for Global Engagement
  • Professor Krissta Hadsell***, Assistant Professor and Director of Institutional Research and Accountability
  • Rev. Stephanie Lobdell***, Assistant Professor and Campus Pastor
  • Professor Timothy Radcliffe**, Director of the Library, Assistant Professor of Theology
  • Dr. Yvonne Schultz**, Professor of English, Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities, Associate Vice President for Academic Administration, and Director of GPS General Studies
  • Professor Mel Severns***, Associate Professor of Education and University Registrar
  • Dr. Henry Spaulding, II****, President/Chief Executive Officer, and Professor of Theology
  • Dr. Henry Spaulding, III**, Assistant Professor of Theology, Associate Campus Pastor
  • Dr. Eric Stetler****, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Vice President for Graduate and Professional Studies, and Dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies
  • Professor Joy Strickland***, Assistant Professor and Assistant Vice President for Student Success and Retention

* Regular Part-Time
** Faculty with a less than 12-hour teaching assignment
*** Faculty no teaching or departmental administrative assignment
**** Senior Leadership Team Member

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