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Founders Hall


Founders Hall


Founders Hall (1969) was named in honor of those who contributed to MVNU’s first financial campaign. On the second floor are faculty offices for the Communication department, classrooms, a state-of-the-art Mac laboratory, and the WNZR FM radio station. On the ground floor are the Admissions/Enrollment Management offices, and Student Financial Services.

Additional Financial Aid Solutions For Adult Students

Along with traditional forms of financial aid, adults matriculating through GPS may be able to utilize their past experiences or previous education toward their degree or apply for an assistantship.

Community College Partnerships

Military Service

Prior Learning Credits

Graduate Assistantships

Calculating The Cost Of MVNU Tuition

MVNU doesn’t set a flat per-semester tuition rate for our students. Instead, all GPS courses are based on a per-credit, course-by-course structure. Across all graduate programs, the current rate is set at $498/credit hour. Undergraduate degrees have some variance, and students should explore their specific program for more information.

Further factoring in the needs of our adult students, MVNU enforces a tuition guarantee. The per-credit rate remains the same, without increase, during your time at MVNU, provided you remain continuously enrolled and maintain satisfactory academic progress. Learn more about GPS program costs.

MVNU Financial Aid Policies For GPS Policies

Learn More About MVNU’S Financial Aid Solutions For Adult Students

Have you started an application but still have questions? Do you want to find out more about grants, scholarships, and loans for adult students? Direct your questions to MVNU’s Financial Aid advisors. Call the Financial Aid Office at 866-686-8243 or reach out via email today.

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