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Nease Institute FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

“Because of Nease I feel well prepared for the semester to start and because of Nease I found friends who I hope to keep in my life forever. I am so happy I had the chance to be a part of this program.”

2020 Nease Scholar


College is a significant investment, commitment, and opportunity. The Nease Institute helps you develop skills, connections, and vision that in turn equip you to gain more from your college experience.

If you apply and are accepted, the cost to you for this 8-day bridge program is $125. The fee per person is over $700; however, a generous donor has established an endowment funding most program expenses, and MVNU provides additional personnel and program tuition fees. Housing, food, course fees, course supplies, and recreational activities are all covered for this program. If the $125 program fee is a barrier to applying for Nease, please note on the application that you would like information on requesting a partial or full scholarship, and we will be in touch with more details on that process.


You will share a temporary room placement with another Nease Scholar during the program.

The schedule runs from breakfast to late evening every day of the program. Class sessions take place during morning hours, followed by workshops, study time, mentoring meetings, and recreational activities in the afternoons and evenings. Mealtimes are shared in the cafeteria on campus.

Every activity of the Nease Institute is strategically planned and integral to meeting the program's objectives. Unless you have a significant obligation or family event you are pre-approved to attend, you will need to remain on campus for the 8-day program.

Saturday, August 12: please arrive any time between 12:30-2 p.m. Upon arrival, you will check-in with Nease Institute and Residential Life staff who will help you move into your room for the program. Following check-in, we will have a short Opening Cerem0ny for parents and students at 2:30 p.m., after which parents, family or friends will depart.

Bring just the essentials for Nease since you will be housed in temporary housing and will check out at the end of the program to return on Move-In Day to your permanent assigned room for the semester.

All of the mattresses in the dorms on campus are single, extra-long mattresses. You will want to keep this in mind as you pick out your sheets to bring for your bed. The standard length of mattress pad and fitted sheet just will not fit over the mattress. You will need to bring a mattress pad, sheets, a pillow, pillowcase, blanket, etc.

Laundromat - Yes! Free! A laundry basket/bag is handy for carrying your laundry, and you will need detergent and some dryer sheets.

Personal items along with shower gels/soaps and washcloth, towel, blow drier, etc. A caddy will help get this to and from the main bathroom. There is a sink in every dorm room!


  • A laptop or desktop computer will certainly be convenient but is not required as there are computer labs on campus and laptops available for checkout through Motherboard. Residence Hall rooms include ethernet and Wi-Fi internet connections.
  • Cell phones & smart phones are certainly allowed, but there will be times during the sessions when you will be prohibited from using your phone, (never more than 2 hours). An alarm with battery back-up to help you wake up will be good - most of you have this on your phone.
  • There is not a lot of time for you to stay in your rooms and watch TV; however, televisions are allowed in the rooms and there is a cable jack provided -- you would need to bring a connecting cable.

You are welcome to bring a vehicle, but it is not necessary. For those with a vehicle, we will set aside some time for you to register your vehicle with MVNU Public Safety. This way, your car is identified as that of an MVNU student and there is one less task to take care of during move-in day.

Money & Food:
You may want spending money for some little things -- snacks, drinks, etc. There is an ATM on campus. We will also provide some daily snacks. We will be eating our meals in the MVNU cafeteria so there will not be any shortage of food.

Lounge & Refrigerator:
You can bring a refrigerator for your room if you wish. It needs to be regulation sized. You will learn about this at New Student Orientation in June.

Residence Hall rooms do not include A/C. Students may bring and use an air conditioner unit (A/C) in their room during Nease for a fee. If you plan to bring your own A/C unit, please notify our staff and be sure to also bring a surge-protected 8ft power strip.


Cara Boyd

Associate Director
740-397-9000, ext. 4612

Priscilla Mills
Nease Institute Coordinator
740-397-9000 ext. 4282

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