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On-campus or Online? Check out the admission process that fits your path.


On-campus or Online? Check out the admission process that fits your path.

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Did you know you can apply to MVNU as early as your junior year of high school? As soon as you submit your application, we can begin the admissions process.

Test scores & transcripts

You’ll want to get your scores and transcripts submitted to MVNU as soon as possible. These are important for determining your financial aid package as well as your course placement.

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Financial Aid

Apply to MVNU, fill out your FAFSA, and submit your application for financial aid. This allows us to put together your aid package.


Majors & minors

MVNU offers high-quality academics with the personal attention students need for long-term success. Our motto, “To Seek to Learn is to Seek to Serve,” means that academic excellence is one of our core values. We believe that the better the education you receive, the better prepared you are to use your skills and knowledge in service to the world. We are committed to helping you combine your academic life and service-learning experiences to become global citizen.

Still have questions?

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See What We're All About

Our alma mater sings: “From hills of green and skies of blue, committed, called in all we do to honor Christ, be strong and true, we pledge our faith, MVNU.” Discover what the green and blue have in store for you!

Admission Facts & Figures

We study the numbers to make sure that we’re consistently measuring up to our promises! And every time we review them, we’re amazed at how God is working at MVNU.


Our enrollment was over 2,000 students in 2021!


Over 800 students live on campus — that's 80% of our traditional students!


In the 2020-2021 school year, we had residents of 14 countries and 32 states/U.S. territories in our student body.


In 2022, ranked MVNU the #4 best college in Ohio!

Meet The Admission Team

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Counselor for: North Central Ohio (including Delaware county), Western US, Southern US

Office: 740-397-9000 ext. 4516 
740-462-7003 | Schedule a Zoom meeting with me



Counselor for: Knox County, East Ohio, West Virginia, East Coast

Office: 740-397-9000 ext. 4517
740-462-7602 | Schedule a Zoom meeting with me

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Counselor for: East Ohio, West Virginia, East Coast

Office: 740-397-9000 ext. 4517 
740-462-7602 | Schedule a Zoom meeting with me

Laura Beth Hurst Headshot


Counselor for: North West Ohio (including Franklin & Pickaway county), Great Lakes States

Office: 740-397-9000 ext. 4519
740-462-7772 | Schedule a Zoom meeting with me



Counselor for: Pennsylvania, Transfers, Re-Admit students

Office: 740-397-9000 ext. 4552
740-324-5511 | Schedule a Zoom meeting with me

Levi Weaver Headshot


Counselor for: South West Ohio (including Licking & Fairfield county), Kentucky

Office: 740-397-9000 ext. 4518
740-462-6747 | Schedule a Zoom meeting with me


Come Visit Us!

Explore Campus Life

Schedule a Personal Visit

  • Schedule a Personal Visit 
  • You’ll tour campus, sit in on a class, attend chapel, head to lunch in the Dining Commons, and talk with your admissions counselor. You can also meet with professors and coaches. Most importantly. you’ll talk with current students who’ll share their MVNU experiences with you. Schedule your visit today!

Student Stories

  • Student Stories
  • Before you visit, find out what current students are saying about MVNU.

Get Ahead Financially.

You’ll want to make sure to fill out your FAFSA as early as possible. Check out our Financial Aid Process page for more information. Also, make sure you apply for MVNU’s endowments each spring.

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