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Dual Enrollment Financial Information

Learn about costs and payment options for Dual Enrollment students.

Financial Information and Benefits

MVNU strives to make education affordable to ALL students – from Ohio, in nearby states, and around the globe. 
Ohio Public School Students (CCP)

If you’ve met the eligibility requirements listed above, CCP is *free! This includes your books, tuition, and fees. You’ll be awarded up to 30 credit hours per academic year. If you take a course at your high school at the same time you’re participating in the CCP program, you have to reduce the number of available credits by 3.  (Yearly CCP Credits: 30. But wait. I’m taking Pre-Calculus at my high school. CCP Credits: 30-3= 27 available credits).

*If you fail a class, your family will have to pay the full price so make sure you’re ready. If you’re not sure, chat with your school counselor. Remember that your Intent to Participate is due to your school counselor by April 1!

Non-Public School or Homeschool Students (CCP)

The amount of money you’ll be awarded for CCP will vary depending on what is available. Get your application in early. The state CCP applications opens early mid-February.  Remember that the application has to be completed by April 1! 

Once you’ve received your funding award notification, send a copy to our office to DualEnrollment@mvnu.eduThis type of award does not cover books. You can contact the Dual Enrollment office at MVNU to see if your non-public school is participating in our book rental program and discover what that means for you. Homeschool students will need to purchase their own books.

Non-Ohio School (Dual Enrollment)

You’re still welcome to participate in Dual Enrollment at MVNU! You’ll need to review the Family Pay option below.

Family Pay 

  • $167 per credit hour (approximately 1/5 of our regular tuition costs). 
  • Available to all students. 
  • Course fees and textbooks are the responsibility of the family.

Credits and Scholarships

Family Pay Reimbursement

If a Dual Enrollment student matriculates to MVNU as a full-time undergraduate student for their freshman year after having spent personal funds for CCP classes not covered by state funding, MVNU will credit 50% of their personal CCP expense on their Fall student account balance, and the remaining 50% on their Spring student account balance.   

The student must remain enrolled as a full-time student throughout the extent of both terms for the credit to stay in effect. 

MVNU's Dual Enrollment Advantage Scholarship

All high school students who are enrolled in the Dual Enrollment program at Mount Vernon Nazarene University and then enroll at MVNU immediately following high school will receive a yearly $1,000 scholarship
($500 per semester). This scholarship is not stackable upon other scholarship/aid and is renewable yearly (for up to $4,000).

CCP Residential Option

Are you going to be a senior in high school?  Come be a full-time residential college student a year early! 

MVNU is one of the only schools in Ohio to offer this unique option.  You can live on campus with our freshman class at our reduced CCP tuition rates or tuition free for CCP students (housing and meals required). 

"Even though I was still in high school, I was not treated differently by students or professors at MVNU. I made great friends and got involved in community outreach groups, clubs, and campus events. I had such a wonderful experience that I decided to continue my education at MVNU. Now, I am able to graduate in three years with a great degree."

— McKenzie M. Cellar, Dual Enrollment Student

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